Today World Manager still offers VIP treatment for all our brands including

  • No fixed term contracts
  • Free upgrades for the life of your agreement
  • No price increases, ever
  • Free customer support
  • A free Relationship Manager for the life of your agreement

Who needs World Manager?

  • Any businesses with multiple locations and at least 6+ employees in every location have a need for our product and tools.
  • Companies that struggle with communicating to their employees and managers.
  • Companies that are growing rapidly and need to control their Brand standards as they are launching locations Nationally and Internationally.
  • Companies who are facing challenges with compliance and maintaining their high standards as they get busier and more successful.

Doing what you need and more

  • Provide visibility for National Managers to call specific locations to discuss mandatory training, operational compliance with location audits, surveys or appraisals that have not been completed, or rankings that are below the national average.
  • Provide Area Manager accountability for all their locations, as well as key performance indicators.
  • In seconds create professional PDF reports for manager meetings that previously would take days to amalgamate and create.
  • Enable a support office to pass on updated laws, regulations and procedures to all employees worldwide and track they have received them.