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Employee qualifications hit the big screen at Hoyts

The Hoyts Group, one of the world's leading entertainment corporations, includes Hoyts Cinema, Hoyts Kiosk and Val Morgan. Hoyts Cinema owns and operates 48 cinemas with 402 screens and more than 75,000 seats, while Hoyts Kiosk operates over 600 video-rental locations. Val Morgan is a leading digital screen advertising company, with a network of over 2,000 cinema screens and 1,200 digital panels located in more than 300 shopping centers.

Why did you choose to deliver qualifications in your business?
We chose to deliver qualifications through the Education Suite to meet our legal requirements for Food Safety and Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Why did you choose to deliver the qualifications through the Education Suite?
It was the most efficient way to give staff access to the training. Getting the training ready for release was quick, and the team at World Learning Centre did a great job of customizing the content and graphics to suit our business.

What do you believe are the main benefits of delivering qualifications in your business?
The main benefits are that we have competent staff and we are meeting legal requirements – two very important things for all businesses.

On average, how long does it take a team member to complete the qualification online?
The majority of the staff would complete the qualification in two days.

Are your qualifications delivered using blended learning, i.e. using a combination of training tools such as online training, sign offs and written tests?
Yes, we use a mixture of online training or theory-based training, along with sign offs for the practical and face-to-face competencies as well as written tests for scenarios or longer responses.

What has been the feedback from your team regarding completing their qualifications online?
It's been positive! We have streamlined the training to ensure that our team members get the required learnings from the training.

Any advice or comments you would like to provide to other users of World Manager® about this tool?
We are very satisfied with the tool and how easy it is to use. 

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