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Company: Bras N Things |  Platform: BOW

An Online Recruitment Tool that saved money and streamlined the recruitment process

Company: Bras N Things is a leading fashion lingerie retailer. They have more than 180 stores and are continuing to grow. Bras N Things has an exciting product range that includes lingerie, sleepwear, playwear, sports, swim and accessories. Bras N Things is proud to offer an exciting and constantly evolving range of products and to be considered "the fitting specialist".

Summary: Bras N Things has been one of the pioneers of Online Recruitment tool in the World Manager® Community. The company had only 48 hours to integrate its current process into their new human resources software, and completed the task successfully. They moved from a more complex platform into the Online Recruitment tool within World Manager® providing more accessibility to all users.

Is e-recruitment effective?

The World Manager HR Software has saved money and has streamlined the e-recruitment process.

Is online recruitment effective?

The World Manager Online Recruitment Tool has saved money and has streamlined the e-recruitment process.

What was your main outcome when you decided to launch this online tool?

Our main outcome was a financial savings and improved functionality for e-recruiting. We were not happy with our previous platform which only provided a recruitment process. We had been using World Manager®, were comfortable with the functionality, and we were able to save money by just integrating this tool into our platform.

How long did it take you to implement your e-recruitment process into World Manager®?

The process took us 48 hours. We had no other choice as our other contract with the other platform was about to expire.

What is online recruitment? And what specifics steps did you take in order to launch the online recruiting tool?

The steps we followed to launch this tool were:

  • Build stages, create application templates and email templates. This information was integrated from our actual process in our previous recruitment tool.
  • Gather the information from the external recruitment website ( This information had been set up already 2 - 4 weeks in advance.
  • Received training from World Manager®. They provided a very useful written guideline.
  • Created a summarised training guide for the users and communicated by conference call.
  • Provided follow up and reports on a state conference

What kind of information did you need to gather in order to create this process in the World Manager®?

We did not require that much information. All the information needed was already in our previous platform.

Do you find that using the feature ‘recruitment stages’ is a flexible option to customize your own recruitment process?

Yes, we definitely think it was very useful. We actually minimized the steps in the recruitment process as much as possible. We reduced anything that could be extra workload for the field team. The notes tool allows the team to enter any extra information needed.

How useful do you find the use of templates to communicate with all your applicants?

Templates are a good option. They are very flexible. However, we are looking into streamlining the application process and move from written application to video applications.

How convenient is it for you to manage the applicants with the talent pool?

The talent pools works very well. We find very useful the fact that multi users can view recruitment activity.

Do you find it efficient to process the e-recruiting applicants through the different recruitment stages in World Manager®?

Yes the process done in stages is useful. Once the stages are done correctly the rest is very easy to follow. However, we designed our process with fewer stages and this seems to work better for our team.

Do you use the bulk decline feature often?

Yes, we definitely use this feature often. This feature is a great time saver. We have been able to manage large amount of applications more efficiently.

How do you like the process of creating and modifying position listings?

This option makes the process very simple and effective. It is a great advantage that the tool has an easy integration with our external recruitment website. We are looking to improve our own website to make the user experience more appealing. Another great feature we use frequently is the ‘featured position’. It provides great flexibility in the way we display the order of the position listings.

Do you advertise positions internally and/or externally with the online recruitment tool?

Yes we advertise both ways. Our process is defined with applications tailored to ‘internal jobs’ and applications tailored to ‘external jobs’. It has been crucial for our team to have the templates for both types of jobs within our human resources software. The process of discriminating internal vs. external applications has guaranteed applicants filling out the correct forms and our team processing applications effectively.

We also have applications within our internal careers for our high performer program and product cadetship active. It is important for us to have all these opportunities accessible and to be able to manage this process with a structured online application process.

If you advertise externally, how do you integrate the external career site with the online recruitment for advertising positions?

The online recruitment tool has the ability to do this configuration with the external site. From the external site we had to request a set up link in order to do this integration.

Is it useful to have different options to advertise positions in many different external career sites?

It is great to have those options. In our case we only use for cost purposes. It is very useful having the options for Facebook and LinkedIn as these sites have become more relevant than the traditional e-recruiting sites.

Overall do you consider that this tool has streamlined your process of recruitment in your organization?

Yes it has definitely served that purpose. Previously we had another platform that did just recruitment with many more features. Our team found this platform complex and not user friendly. We definitely prefer World Manager® because its interface is easier to use. Is online recruitment effective? It is more beneficial for our organization to have a platform that is simple to use ensuring usability across all different levels.

What advice would you give to other users that are about to launch the tool to start using the tool most effective?

  • Prepare your application forms in advance
  • Set up the process with the external career site
  • Minimize the recruitment stages. Not everything needs to be recorded. Use the notes function to communicate
  • Follow up with the team to keep on processing the applicants through

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