FHL Incident Report

FHL Incident Report

Company: Fantastic |  Platform: Starpod Online

Take Quick Corrective Actions For Workplace Incident Reports

Company: Fantastic Holdings Limited (FHL) is a leading furniture retailer and manufacturer. FHL operates over 126 stores across four furniture retail chains including, national retailers Fantastic Furniture, Plush and Le and the Original Mattress Factory. FHL is one of the country’s largest sofa manufacturer, has one of the country's leading mattress manufacturers and operates a national supply chain to service all FHL's retail brands.

Summary: FHL has used the online incident management and incident report form with great success. They have been able to save an immense amount of time streamlining the process of an incident report online. The company has gathered very valuable data that has highlighted hot spots in the different locations. This has allowed the company to take quick corrective actions for a workplace incident report. They have described the tool as very powerful and a great way to provide visibility at all levels of management.

How efficient do you find the whole process?

The process is very efficient and has saved us many hours of manual work and has provided very useful information about our locations.

What were your objectives when you decided to launch this tool within World Manager?

Our main objective was to move away from our current paper based form of incident reporting. When we were defining the purpose of this tool, we determined the following goals:

  • To speed up the reporting process of a workplace incident report
  • To provide greater visibility of incident across the management levels
  • To track, follow up and report number of incidents
  • To measure frequency across locations to highlight hot spots

How useful has the online incident management tool been for your job role?

Our Human Resources team has found this tool extremely useful. We now have access to many valuable reports that were previously done manually and were very time consuming. We can export the reports to excel and filter the data based on any criteria that we need. A great advantage of doing the incident reports online is the ability to read the reports easily since they are now typed instead of handwritten. Another significant benefit is reports are fully completed. The users are encouraged to complete all the questions by doing the reports online. This just did not happen before when reports were handwritten.

We are foreseeing additional benefits from this tool in the case of new safety legislation. We would have the capacity to accurately measure some key indicators and improve our risk assessment process.

How long does it take you to create the incident reports template/forms?

It only took us approximately 30 minutes. We already had a paper based template so it was mostly a matter of copying it into the tool. We keep on reviewing the questionnaire several times throughout the year. Is your incident report system putting you at risk? We always make sure it is in line with the legislative changes. The team is always extremely satisfied that it only takes a couple of minutes to make a change or to add a question and that the updates are effective and live immediately.

What kind of incidents do you record?

We basically use 3 templates:

  • Record incidents resulting in injuries
  • Near miss incidents that don’t result in injuries
  • Other type of incidents like damage to property, theft, large cash variances, supplier incidents.

How to report incidents in the workplace

We have a number of questions in the different templates. How long does it take you or your team now to submit an incident report? To fill out the report it will take about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the complexity of the incident.

How effective do you find the escalation process?

It is great to have this option available. However, we have not used this feature to its fullest potential. In order to escalate these incidents in our established process it would require the creation of many additional templates. We decided to keep the simplicity of the system. This way the users are able to choose the right template quickly and submit the necessary information as soon as possible. We believe that giving the users less amount of options makes this process more effective. At this moment all the incidents are simply escalated to a central Human Resources point and then referred on to the correct parties outside of the platform. We are looking into using the escalation feature in the near future when Area Managers would be responsible for injuries management instead of HR.

Please write a few sentences for our viewers on how accurate your reports are now?

The incident management reports have been extremely beneficial in our business. We can now save hours of manual work in filtering and categorizing our incidents and injuries. There is an amazing amount of valuable information automatically derived from these reports. We can easily identify our most common type of injuries, frequency of injuries, causes of injuries, percentages of injuries resulting in treatment and time off as a result of the injury. We also were able to correlate high incident levels in a location with the scores that this location had in the OH&S section of the location review tool.

How efficient do you find the whole process?

As I mentioned before, the process is very efficient and has saved us many hours of manual work and has provided very useful information about our locations.

What are the benefits of recording incidents on the platform?

One of the benefits is the great visibility for all management levels to evaluate their different locations at any time. Another advantage is the flexibility of reporting that provides the ability to generate data in the way we need to use it for incident reports template/forms.

How did you submit workplace incident reports before World Manager®?

We previously did everything manually. The process was paper based, handwritten forms submitted either via fax or email and carbon copy kept in the store.

What is the feedback from peers and employees about this tool?

Managers at all levels are very satisfied with the visibility of their locations. They recognize the tool as very easy to use and to update.

Any advice you would like to provide for other users to use this tool effectively?

The online incident report is a very powerful tool that can collect any type of information that the company needs. We suggest keeping the reporting process very simple. Determine which templates will be used most and create a very straight forward procedure. Providing a simple process will ensure that users select the correct template and that the information is entered properly.

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