Onboarding New Staff

Guzman y Gomez™ Eliminates Paper Forms for Onboarding New Staff

Company: Guzman y Gomez™

The combination of World Manager and ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling is brilliant!

Robert Hazan

Founder and Executive Director Robert Hazan

Eliminating paper forms is the key reason that information flows so quickly through modern businesses. Guzman y Gomez™ have modernised their HR onboarding process by combining ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling with the power of World Manager.

Founder and Executive Director Robert Hazan comments, "It’s pretty powerful to be able to hire someone, then have them log in and fill out info online. This means our staff feel like part of the business from day 1, there's no anxiety about how to do their job professionally and where to find everything, how to meet compliance and OHS, and head office staff don’t have to chase people for details. The combination of World Manager and ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling is brilliant!"

With World Manager (VIVA GYG), the online training platform having a link to ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling, the new staff member can turn up for their first training shift, having already been through the induction training module in VIVA GYG and Payroll and HR have all relevant details. Head office staff not having to chase managers for new staff details and paper forms leads to a much more harmonious & positive relationship between front-line and head office staff.

When a new staff member is hired the restaurant manager creates a new log in for them in VIVA GYG. The new staff member automatically receives an email from ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling with their login information and their time and attendance PIN, ready for their first shift.

Through the VIVA GYG portal, the staff member can log in from home and complete the induction process, as well as click through to ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling online HR forms to fill out their personal details, bank account details, superannuation fund information, tax file number, emergency contacts – all necessary information is added by the staff member in ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling.

ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling notifies HR & payroll staff that a new staff member has been added automatically and Payroll & HR staff add relevant details such as wage & penalty rate information to that person ready for pay day.

Managers can focus on the important part – managing their people

Daphne Wong

Director of HR Daphne Wong

The ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling + World Manager integration brings two amazing tools together – staff can provide their details and do induction before they start work.

Robert Hazan, Founder and Executive Director, Guzman y Gomez™ highlights "ZUUS have made this possible for GYG by integrating with our other software providers and services; MICROS, World Manager and NetSuite. Plus they have customised their HR module to our needs."

Director of HR Daphne Wong adds, "With the World Manager and ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling integration, we have streamlined our operations and removed the burden of onboarding a new staff member from restaurant managers. The managers can focus on the important part – managing their people – and not worry about forms and processes."

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