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Customisable content saves time and money at AMT Group

Constance AloeAMT Group, parent company for telecommunications retailer Allphones, uses off-the-shelf courses to train the company’s new employees and franchisees. We asked Constance Aloe, National Learning & Development Manager at AMT Group, why off-the-shelf courses are a good fit for their training library.

Off-the-shelf courses are easy to customise to meet our needs, so they have been a valuable addition to our eLearning offerings." – Constance Aloe, National Learning & Development Manager, AMT Group

Hi, Constance! Since February 2010, all new employees at AMT Group complete the Induction course offered by World Manager®. Why did you select off-the-shelf courses?

We recently updated the look and feel of our World Manager® platform – The Hub – and relaunched it to our network of over 80 Allphones stores across Australia. We wanted to make sure that the revamped platform offered fresh, eye-catching training content to engage our employees and franchisees. We were especially looking for high-quality content for our induction training. Off-the-shelf courses are easy to customise to meet our needs, so they have been a valuable addition to our eLearning offerings.

When employees enrol in this qualification now through the AMT Academy tool (Education Suite) they will automatically receive recognition to their units of competency.

AMT Academy

What has been the biggest benefit of off-the-shelf courses for your company?

As many L&D professionals know, writing high-quality training content from scratch can take a lot of time. Because off-the-shelf courses are created by subject matter experts and instructional designers, they require very little editing and customising. This, in turn, frees our in-house trainers to spend their time on other projects.

You mentioned customising – how much effort was involved in editing the off-the-shelf courses to reflect AMT Group’s visual identity?

Very little effort, actually. Adding our logo and imagery to the courses was quick and easy, and we didn’t need sophisticated software to fit the visual elements into the content. Anyone with pretty basic image software, such as Paint, is able to do it.

How easy – or hard – is it for your employees and franchisees to access the training?

The courses are delivered through our World Manager® platform, which allows us to precisely target all new employees and franchisees. They can then take the training on any device, from desktop computers to tablets and smart phones. The platform allows us to track when they have completed the training and assessments, making it very easy for us to track compliance.

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