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Company: Domino’s Pizza |  Platform: Dotti

Reach All Employees Through Effective Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Company: Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino's) is the largest pizza chain in the country in terms of both network store numbers and network sales. It is also the largest franchisee for the Domino's Pizza brand in the world. Domino's holds the exclusive master franchise rights for the Domino's brand and network in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany. The Domino's brand is owned by Domino's Pizza, Inc, a listed US company.

Domino's Pizza Enterprises now extends across seven countries, with more than 2000 stores and is the leading international Domino's franchise.

Summary: Domino’s Pizza has used their e-learning software for a number of years. The tool has become part of the company culture. The company is able to train all employees effectively throughout the different locations. Domino's team finds very easy to track training completion rates through the reports from the learning management system (LMS).

How do you manage the process of creating content for online training?

The process is very simple, we create the content offline and then we cut and paste into the platform.

How much time did it take you and your team to launch the online training tool with World Manager®?

It took our team approximately 4 weeks once we have finalized the contract.

How beneficial has learning and development been for your team using the online training tool?

We find the e-learning software to be very valuable. This process gives us the ability to communicate and educate all employees in all levels and locations. We are able to reach all employees in either franchises or corporate.

What has been the feedback from your team regarding how to create online training using the tool?

We have the tool now for approximately 5 years therefore we do not receive feedback anymore regarding our learning management system. Online Training is now part of the culture in Domino’s. Franchisees and Operations managers have always commented that the tool makes training new employees very easy. They find it extremely beneficial to train employees by teaching some theory through the online training tool prior to going directly into the field.

How do you inform your team that new training and e-learning needs to be completed?

We usually inform the team by emailing all the stores and using the notice tool.

What are the main benefits to the training team in delivering your learning and development training through the platform?

Providing training through our online learning management system allows us to compare training completion rates across the system therefore providing a tool to benchmark performance.

On average, how long does it take you to create an online training test?

The online training tool is very easy to use. Once the material is written, uploading the content is a quick process. It might take approximately 1-8 hours to upload the content depending on the nature of the content.

How do you manage the process of creating content for online training?

The process is very simple, we create the content offline and then we cut and paste into the platform.

How do you use the performance monitor of the online training software / courses?

We use the stats and reports functionality. We have created certain reports which highlight the information that we use the most.

What are the most common categories within your training tests?

Orientation and promotional training are the most common categories.

How do you use the targeting options when creating content for e-learning?

We only target states and New Zealand when setting up new material. The material we design is generally targeted nationally.

Do you use videos in your training? If so what do you see is the advantage of video training?

We realize this is an amazing option for training. However we are concerned about the broadband of the stores therefore we use other type of training materials still very useful and very interactive.

Is online training effective? And have you found it easier to keep track of training and compliance with World Manager®

Yes we definitely find it easier for tracking. We have our own method of reporting using the Stats and Reports tool.

What advice would you give to other users that are about to launch the tool?

Some useful suggestions we might offer:

  • Set up location and employee levels correctly from the initial stage
  • Design your training materials clearly offline and then upload into the platform
  • Determine methods to manage version controls

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