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Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) - Tammy Ryder, National Training Manager, Hungry Jacks (Burger King)

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“In our company’s history we have never been able to receive the live reporting capabilities World Manager® now provides us. We recently celebrated our 30,000,000 test question answered within our World Manager® in our first 12 months!

For the first time ever, we can now communicate with our 15,000+ employees using innovative features like notice boards, forums, image galleries and surveying tools.

World Manager® has allowed us to conduct online orientations including OHS and Food Safety, saving us time and money, while providing our staff with thorough training in a self-paced format.

In 2008 we had 300 applicants for our Young Endeavour Scholarship award. In 2009, using the World Manager® online application process, we had over 3,000 applicants.”

Pandora - Gareth George, International E-Learning Manager, Pandora

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“World Manager® has enabled us to act like the global company we are. We’re in over 40 countries now, trying to service all those different needs and World Manager® is helping us to do that very effectively.

The staff out in the field actually want to use it, they can see the value in it and it’s helping them in their daily work.

World Manager® enables us to get high quality training out there very quickly, very effectively and start to get a really standardized message across.”

FoodCo - Kate Fellows, Learning and Skills Development Manager, FoodCo

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“New franchisees are blown away by World Manager® and are really impressed with the way our Head Office is able to support them.

I must admit, our Managing Director was a bit sceptical about spending money on World Manager®, but even he’s convinced about it now simply from the feedback he receives from franchisees about what a helpful tool it is. So much so that we are now rolling out our World Manager® for one of our brands to our international markets in the UK and in New Zealand.”

AMT Group - Luke Johnson, National Learning and Development Manager, AMT Group

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“I don’t know what we used to do before World Manager® … it has revolutionized the way we do business here at AMT. It’s a huge help to maintaining a really engaged team …

In the past we used to over-communicate to our team. Now we communicate once a day using the notices tool. We can report on who has read the communication and we’re finding that it has much clearer cut-through and we’re getting better results.

We’re actually measuring everything now using World Manager®. We could never effectively measure our results, but now we can track training completion, communication and the ongoing development of our team.”

Gloria Jean’s Coffees - Aaron Chowdhury, International Training Manager, Gloria Jean’s Coffees

“World Manager® has helped Gloria Jean’s Coffees connect a family of over 10,000 team members across 38 countries and assisted us in taking our Training and Development Program truly global and establishes the consistency important in a franchise system.

Within six months of launching ‘Gloria’ we were awarded the 2008 FCA Award for Franchise Innovation of the Year. Now two years in we look forward to utilising the system enhancements to further develop a greater level of engagement within our growing family.”

Domino’s Pizza - Alina Press, National People Development Manager, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited

“World Manager® offered Domino’s Pizza a unique opportunity to consolidate all of our Human Resource systems in one easy-to-use communication platform matching our overall strategic direction.

We are able to gain easy access to company statistics, create online training courses, schedule face-to-face training and formally recognized courses as well as communicate information to all of our employees at the same time.

World Manager® has also offered Domino’s fast and efficient technical support and has shown an excellent understanding of our needs as a customer and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Boost Juice - Steve Brown, National Training Manager, Boost Juice

“The team at World Manager® have continued to go above and beyond the scope of our service agreement to meet the constantly changing needs of our business. World Manager® continues to be the perfect partner in the ongoing development of BEN, the Boost E-Network, our online communication and training platform.”

Food Fund International - Bradley Michael, CEO, Food Fund International

“World Manager® is the best training and KPI tracking tool I have ever seen in our industry. Controlling an international corporation has just become infinitely easier.”

Oporto - Jeff Fisher,  CEO, Oporto

“Our association with World Manager® over the past few years has been exceptionally positive and their team has consistently over-delivered on all our expectations. The development of our World Manager® platform has been seamless and professional at all stages and no request has been left unfilled. Rarely in our experience have we partnered with such a proactive group. Gary and his team really do live up to their promise of VIP Treatment.”

Meat and Wine Co - Phillip Capaldi, International Training Manager, Meat & Wine Company

“World Manager® has improved our company growth and productivity, and their need to go above and beyond the call of duty ensures our staff are always trained at the very highest possible level.”

Barbeques Galore - Constance Kipri, National Training Manager, Barbeques Galore Australia

“Through the implementation of our World Manager®, Barbeques Galore has been able to reach a geographically dispersed retail network with greater efficiency and speed both in Australia and the US.

This sophisticated yet simple program has given us the ability to create a path for learning for all our employees regardless of their computer literacy skills or location. We have gained the ability to track learning through all levels of the business instantaneously and capture data that is meaningful, relevant and up-to-date.

World Manager® truly has the customer at the forefront of what they do. This is demonstrated by their desire to continuously improve on their product and service. They are a dedicated team whose competitive advantage lies in their innate ability to not only deliver success for their clients but to seek out their potential. It is this dedication and ability that will assist Barbeques Galore in becoming the world’s leader of barbeques and outdoor dining solutions and why our partnership with World Manager® works beautifully.”