Plus 100's more, all powered by World Manager
The dental, medical and optical industry technology changing at a lightning fast pace. World Manager is there to support these industries providing world class tools to deliver the best possible training experience.


Stay up to date and track each clinic or office in real time, ensuring you maintain your high standard of operating. View each clinic and drill down to any employee to manage performance.


Keep your franchisees or managers informed and drive a positive culture with open communication, all from a single dashboard. Keep your clinics up to date and push down content, polls and announcements, while getting feedback.


Grow rapidly by maintaining consistency, compliance and `best practice' across your Brand.


By offering an online training and development platform to your clinics, you can provide access to your content anywhere in real time, on any device.
World Manager is more than just an LMS, with fully integrated Human Resource and Operations tools to make business life easier.

Human Resources

The medical, dental and optical industries use the Human Resources tools for everything from recruiting service staff, specialized technicians & assistants to managers, General Managers and Franchisees. The appraisals tools, employee KPI tools and automated exit interviews make maintaining HR a seamless process.


The operations tools help Head offices and Area Managers to track location mobile displays, product displays, new marketing promotions, back of store stocking procedures and safety to service desk tickets for register or POS issues etc.
"World Manager sets us up for continued to success with the ongoing support from the relationship management and support teams. The help centre articles and Online Community resources have ensured we are constantly learning new things and can keep adding new things to make our platform even better"
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