Plus 100's more, all powered by World Manager
World Manager specializes in a world class training and communications platform. Much like the home improvement industry specializes in home renovations, for over 13 years World Manager has been upgrading the codebase every month to keep the platform cutting edge.


Rather than losing integrity and branding detail during rapid growth, allow your online platform to be the point of contact for all your locations.


Grow rapidly by maintaining consistency, compliance and `best practice' across your Brand.


Drive your employees and homewares specialists towards a single dashboard. Rather than using multiple communications methods, maintain company standards with a single source of truth.


Employees will be trained faster and be effective sooner by delivering content prior to starting, in a fun and engaging way.
World Manager is more than just an LMS, with fully integrated Human Resource and Operations tools to make business life easier.

Human Resources

Hiring the right home improvement specialists or contractors is critical to growing your business. The World Manager recruitment tools with seamless onboarding into training is the perfect fit for these industries. World Manager has successfully launched home improvement businesses for over a decade, all over the world with the HR tools.


Maintaining smooth operating home improvement centers is a breeze with the robust World Manager service desk and location audit tools. With service desk video capabilities all equipment in your centers can be maintained and monitored for all locations globally.
"Narellan Pools has been part of the World Manager community since 2010 using their platform ‘SPLASH’ as the hub for online training and communications in Australian, New Zealand and Canadian franchise and manufacturing businesses"
Wendy Donaldson,
Chief Operating Officer, Narellan Pools