Accent Group Expands Capabilities with World Manager’s New Enterprise Hierarchy Feature

We know many of our brands have multiple roles within your organization and that your employees work between stores, no more do you have to worry about putting them into a primary location or clustering them all in one account group. 

World Manager’s Enterprise Hierarchy allows you to ensure each position within your company can easily have its own training, communications, and other content targeted to that specific group.

It also allows for all managers to have visibility of their team members training performance even if they work across multiple locations. 

  • Enhances the targeting capability in almost every tool within the platform 
  • Capacity for employees and managers to be assigned to multiple locations
  • Employees see all the training they must do even if there is specific location-based training 
  • Management can view and report on the results of all their employees 

“The Enterprise Hierarchy change has already had a massive impact on our business and the way we run our platform. It has allowed us to create multiple account groups and further separate our account structure for better targeting. For example, we now have a group for all our Support Office accounts which has drastically helped us with targeting notices and E-Learning content accordingly.

One of our main goals was to also elevate our Assistant Store Managers to ensure they had the same access as our Store Manager accounts. Our Assistant Store Managers are our future leaders and always play a huge role in store, running at least 2-3 days without our Store Managers.

It was vital that they were able to communicate with the store team through the notices function and help drive their store’s overall training and performance monitor. The new hierarchy update has allowed us to elevate our Assistant Store Managers on COMBI and helps us drive our training and communication tools even further!”

Nicole Ellis, Training Admin Coordinator at Accent Group

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