Bras N Things Launch Mobile Phone Employee Appraisals Speeding Up Employee Performance Review Process

Bras N Things uses mobile and tablet friendly electronic employee performance appraisals for easier completion by employees and follow-up by managers. The company now has valuable information at their fingertips, with time saving automated electronic reports providing live feedback on all reviews.

Boasting more than 180 stores across three countries, they are one of the premier underwear stores. Using training and selective hiring to create a passionate company culture, they have built a very loyal and strong customer base. Bras N Things Online World (BOW) was initially launched to the retail team as an induction tool. Since then, they have launched other departments within the company including the Customer Support department and the Distribution Center and added additional features such as the online employee performance appraisals. They launch content regularly as a way to streamline information, and also update the BOW background image during launches – giving BOW a fresh new look with each update.

Below is an interview conducted with Bras N Things on the use of their employee mobile performance management system.

Are employee appraisals necessary?

Performance appraisal reviews are used for deciding on team promotion and training opportunities. We save a lot of time having the information available. Previously the process was very time consuming and we needed to reach out to each manager to request this information from them.

What was your outcome when you decided to launch mobile online appraisals?

We had several goals in mind when launching this tool. We were looking for fast reports once the online employee evaluation was completed. With the use of mobile technology, employees and management now complete their appraisals on their mobile phones and tablets, making the process even quicker than before and the team now has an easier follow-up process. We were also striving for managers to have easy access to information from self-reviews and the performance appraisal form. We have reviewed our deadlines and timing of the review cycle thanks to the use of this tool.

How much training did you need to launch online appraisals?

We never required face to face training for the online employee appraisal tool. Our training was as simple as communicating to the team via our weekly newsletter and notice tools within our communication suite in our online platform.

How much prep work did you need to do before launching this tool?

The most important step in our prep work was setting up the targeting and the hierarchy correctly within the online performance appraisal form. This initial step took us some time because we needed to ensure confidentiality of the reviews. The next step was entering the review form into the platform. This step was quick and simple. The World Manager team helped us by copying those forms into the other countries and we were ready to start.

How long did it take for the prep work and launching of the tool?

The process took approximately 2 weeks. The stage that took the most time was setting up the backend of the employee evaluation correctly. Once the backend was set up right, the rest did not require much time.

What were the steps you followed to launch this tool within the platform?

The steps we followed were:

  • Set up the hierarchy levels
  • Enter the review form
  • Determine the targets
  • Communicate with the team
  • Make all the forms active
  • Generate reports

Were you able to easily adapt your old appraisal process into the World Manager platform?

Yes, we were able to integrate our forms and process into the platform very easily.

Are the employees able to complete appraisals easily within the platform?

Yes, they find the tool easy to use after we had established the online process and had communicated the guidelines.

Are there any specific features within this tool that you love using?

Yes, we find it to be extremely beneficial to get reports immediately upon completion of the performance appraisals.

What was the process you used to have in place for doing performance appraisals before going online?

We used to have a manual process. It was done on soft copies stored by the manager. Previously we did not have any reports on completion.

Has this tool improved the way you do your tasks with tracking appraisals?

Yes, it has definitely improved our work. We have integrated our monthly PAR (People Asset Reviews) reports into this review tool. We now have an accessible electronic history of these reviews which provides extremely valuable information.

Any advice you would like to provide to other users that want to launch online performance appraisals?

Make sure all the backend items of the online performance management system are set up correctly. Hierarchy levels, team location and account details must be set up correctly from the initial stage before you launch. Take the time to set up all these details appropriately to avoid manual adjustment in the future which will be time consuming.

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