Colette uses multiple platform tools to ensure Christmas Recruitment is a breeze!

Priding themselves on an innovative technique to appeal to their key demographic, colette by colette hayman made a conscious decision to manage all aspects of their Christmas Recruitment Process using their online platform; UNZIPPED.

As one of Australia's fastest-growing fashion accessories brands with over 130 stores internationally colette needed to manage an influx of 6-8 thousand applicants to recruit 500 candidates in a very short timeframe for their thriving stores.

Sarah Parmenter, who leads the People and Culture team, knew that they would need to use more than just the Recruitment tool to get the results they needed.

"If you live and breathe fast fashion retail, you have to ensure that your policies and processes support that! Aware of how fast our target recruitment audience moves, we knew that to capture the cream of the crop to hire for our busiest time of year we had to make our application process easy and accessible and FAST. Being against a deadline of a 2-week turnaround period to ensure we didn’t lose our key candidates; it was essential for us as a business to be able to operate and access this data on a mobile device wherever we were."

What tools did you use?

In previous years, we have always used the recruitment tool to filter and process applicants. Additionally, this year, we used the Customer Feedback tool for candidates to register for group interviews as well as the Service Desk to filter and manage all queries and questions coming through.

How did it make your life easier?

Having everything in one place meant that we could filter, process, access and respond to candidates whenever we needed to. In retail, fieldwork means that you are more often than not traveling or in-store and having this data accessible on a Mobile App meant our entire team were able to action anything they needed, wherever they were. Although out store teams weren’t directly responsible for the recruitment, processing through the platform meant that they had full transparency at all stages and peace of mind that there was progress for the store.

How much training did you need to launch the process?

"Having never used the tools for this purpose before I found the system so easy and intuitive to use. The World Manager Support Team were there every step of the way to help and assist with the process which was a lifesaver!" - Talia Birol, Talent Acquisition Manager, colette by colette hayman

How long did it take for prep work and launching?

We didn’t have the time to spare! We literally launched the registration links, Service Desk categories and placed the ads in a matter of only a couple of days and tweaked the process as we went along. It was super easy to test and adjust where we needed to which was so great given that we were trailing this process ourselves!

Are there any specific features within this tool that you loved?

The external Customer Feedback tool as a whole was a gamechanger for us. Previously we have sent invitations to group interviews but without a return, registration found the drop of rate to be quite high by the time we got to the actual interview day. Having a registration process meant that the candidate could acknowledge their attendance and we were able to provide the Store Managers with a clear, concise list of who was going to show up! For our post-project analysis, the Stats and Reports function for all tools has been amazing. We are already walking into next year prepared!

Were there any problems with external users accessing the platform?

Initially, we had concerns that people that had never used the platform before would struggle without assistance, overall though, problems were minuscule. We used the Service Desk to assign a task to external users when responding to a ticket and kept contact details wherever we could publish them. Having separate categories and statuses for Christmas Recruitment in the Service Desk meant that we could measure and report on the enquiries coming through and maintain our quick response times!

Is there any advice you would like to provide?

Just do it! We are now looking at rolling this functionality out across other departments and for different initiatives. Keep proactive with the support team letting them know of your plans and deadlines so you can call on them whenever you need to.

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