Conference Insight: Your #1 pain point

Conference Insight: Your #1 pain point

Conference Insight: Your #1 pain point

Our very first national World Manager conference “Nourish” was held in Sydney in May this year. The conference connected over 130 senior executives and platform administrators across 80+ brands and a diverse range of industries.

Despite such diversity, brands were united in their request for greater support in building the confidence and the skills to effectively influence internally - specifically when driving value from big change projects, like the World Manager platform. Many hands must touch the platform for a successful implementation and to achieve long-term ROI so these become critical skills to master.

We see our role at World Manager as more than simply providing a technology solution. It’s about bringing together the key elements that will help your business thrive. So, we consulted our leadership and communication partners, TACTICIAN, to help address this pain point and conduct a data gathering (survey) exercise at the conference on this theme.

Prior to the conference We’d already uncovered some insight into the specific challenges of our brands when we partnered with TACTICIAN in 2018 to investigate the impact culture can have on technological implementations. We found that World Manager brands tended to be very relationship focussed and without the right skills and tactics, they ran the risk of these relationships getting in the way of outcomes.

Digging deeper into your fears

To build on our research last year, we wanted to dig a little deeper on why people were lacking confidence and why relationships were getting in the way of outcomes.

TACTICIAN’s insight from thousands of hours of coaching sessions across 3 decades has shown them that it almost always boils down to the same thing… fear!

From senior executives to team members – we’re all the same. We have big ideas and bold aspirations and then we allow our fears to get the better of us, so we overcomplicate, over consult, procrastinate and ultimately, we shrink.

TACTICIAN has summarised their insight into 7 Fear Factors to help people understand what’s holding them back and provide tactics to help push past it.

Having these tactics is the key to how we can best influence a platform implementation – so we asked our Nourish conference attendees to complete the TACTICIAN Fear Factors quiz so we could provide better support to our brands.

Let’s dig into the conference results…Lack of preparation is impacting our confidence and outcomes

Of the 80+ people that completed the TACTICIAN Fear Factors quiz, the #1 fear was the fear of preparation followed by fear of self.

Often, we avoid doing adequate preparation for important meetings, presentations or conversations because we simply don’t know how to prepare effectively. We just roll into meetings without much pre-thought and solely focussed on our own agenda. However, this often results in being caught off guard, fumbling for information and agreeing to compromised outcomes (or not agreeing to any outcomes at all).

So, when we look at these results together, it’s likely that we’re beating ourselves up and internalising the uncomfortable meeting experience by telling ourselves a story like “I’m terrible in meetings”. This only adds to our anxiety, so we avoid planning and scheduling them. This pattern not only impacts our confidence it can totally derail a big change project if left undressed.

Think about the many people you’d need to influence to get the World Manager platform, sold in, implemented and use it to its capability. Without doing the right preparation, a project manager’s confidence can spiral downward quickly. And, without purposeful and constructive communication with key stakeholders throughout the change lifecycle - the project’s impact will quickly follow.

TACTICIAN shared that almost every professional they’ve encountered say they “lack confidence”, including top executives and the most seemingly confident people. We’re all terrified of being found out!

The process of preparing for a challenging meeting or conversation, reminds us of the interactions gone wrong and brings our fears to the surface. It’s uncomfortable, so we put it off and then we don’t get the outcome we want, and the cycle perpetuates.

So how do you build confidence and influence better outcomes?

The good news is, according to TACTICIAN, this can be easily addressed. All we need is a framework to prepare effectively and some simple tools to help us influence mutually beneficial outcomes.

The right preparation gives people the confidence to act which is the first step. The tactics increase our chances of influencing the right outcome and being judged more favourably which, overtime, will improve our confidence and self-concept.

World Manager’s experience in launching brand platforms and working with large-scale change initiatives is available to you to help you prepare effectively:

  • Detailed project planning
  • Ongoing complementary 1:1 platform training
  • World-class industry best practice on demand

This VIP support provides you with greater confidence and ensures a greater ROI from the platform.

3 insider tactics to influence the right outcome

From the research and TACTICIAN Fear Factors insights, we asked TACTICIAN to leave us with 3 tactics that will best serve our World Manager brands in influencing better outcomes. Here’s what they recommend:

1. Find someone to be your on-the-job coach. Look for someone that already demonstrates the skills you seek to build. This could be a colleague or an enlightened leader. Don’t forget, the World Manager Support and Brand team are ‘on call’ to coach,train and support you when required.

2. Don’t compromise on your preparation time. Analyse your to-do list based on ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ categories and block out time in your diary for the important and not urgent (ie, your preparation). World Manager’s detailed project plan (built to your launch times) has been designed to assist and will work closely with you throughout the process.

3. Find tactics to help address the root of your individual fear(s) and start taking action. Don’t let your confidence compromise the project’s success. Start small and build momentum from your achievements. Your TACTICIAN Fear Factors result sheet has a few tips to start with. If you haven’t completed it, you can complete it here. 

Looking for more tactics to help you influence better outcomes? TACTICIAN have a suite of programs to help you master the crucial interactions in your workplace. These can be specifically tailored for your brand and can be supported by the World Manager platform. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.