Jurlique Take Their Global Communication and Training Mobile
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Jurlique Take Their Global Communication and Training Mobile

Jurlique, a global natural skin care and beauty brand, have recently adopted technology that will help to revolutionize their internal communications and training capability. Rebecca Nicholls, Jurlique’s Global Education Director, describes what the introduction of mobile technology will mean for their teams globally.

In April 2013, Jurlique took their online training, communications, human resources and operations platform into the mobile space, allowing their employees worldwide to connect and engage with the business from their mobile device, whenever and wherever they need to.

Why was having mobile access for your platform so important to you and
your business?
Mobile access for our eLearning platform was essential. Previously, many of the Jurlique team of Beauty Experts working in department stores or pharmacy groups could not access our platform while they were in their workplace as the only computer with internet access was in the administration or manager’s offices. But now, the flexibility of being able to access the Jurlique platform from any location via mobile devices means our communication with all Jurlique Beauty Experts is greatly improved.

What features do you imagine most of your team will use and access from the mobile version of your platform?
Feedback from our teams is that the ability to complete training modules on their mobile devices is one of the greatest improvements for them. We incentivise our teams with Jurlique products for completion rates. Now, all team members have the ability to complete new product training modules where ever they happen to be, which gives them more opportunities to be rewarded, and it helps to ensure that we can keep our team up to date with the latest information and training.

What have been the biggest advantages of having mobile access for your employees?
They will have instant access to company notices, training modules, manuals and files and our forum. They can receive instant communication and be updated as soon as we make new content active.

How about for your management teams?
Training completion rates have improved, so therefore there is an increase in knowledge and skill levels amongst our teams. It also gives us an edge on our competition that we can offer this instant on the spot education that can be shared with all our teams at the touch of a button. Our wholesale accounts have responded very positively to the platform and love that their teams will be fully trained as soon as they join the brand which will help increase sales results and success for their business.

And how do your platform administrators benefit?
Our administrators are now much more confident about using the platform as a two way communication tool as they are now seeing the increase in participation and trust that the information that we are posting and sharing on the platform is now able to be accessed by a larger group of Jurlique Beauty Experts.

What steps did you take to ‘Go Mobile’ with your platform?
We launched the mobile app by sending out global notices to all of our Beauty Experts to advise them that they could now log on to the platform and download an “App” to give them access to Jurlique iQ on their smart phones. This was also supported by communicating to all of our Education Managers who were then able to advise our teams at their local education sessions. We found that the notice created lots of interest, particularly for our team in Hong Kong where we are just in the process of launching the platform. They are probably the first group of users that we have who will primarily use their phones to access the platform rather than a computer.

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