Managing a Remote Team

Managing a remote team can be challenging.  For some managers, they believe that the productivity levels will drop if an employee is working remotely.  The Harvard Business Review provides several tips on how to manage a remote employee.

  1. Set expectations – Ensure employees understand what they are held accountable for in their remote role and establish ground rules on how interactions will take place.
  2. Visit on a predictable schedule – While in the current environment, in-person visits may not be feasible, you can ensure that you have face-to-face interactions on a regular schedule with the use of several virtual meeting tools such as Zoom.
  3. Encourage communication – Just because employees are remote, does not mean that you cannot interact with them as if they were on-site or in an office. If you have teams that cross several time zones, make use of internal communication tools that allow for collaboration, such as messaging apps, blogs, or forums.
  4. Spark impromptu interactions – Just like working with colleagues or subordinates in person; impromptu meetings are a must. Be sure to engage with each of your employees regularly basis, not only on scheduled updates but also through impromptu meetings as the needs arise.
  5. Nurture familiarity – Building trust and familiarity with remote employees is a must. Take a few minutes out of each one-on-one meeting to ensure you get to know them on a personal level. Check-in on them regularly
  6. Make them feel part of the team – While most of your team might be working remotely, you can still establish a team culture. Have regular team calls and ensure that they all are up to date on what the team is working on.

For more information on managing remote teams, or to read the full article written by Rebecca Knight, visit the Harvard Business Review.

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