Social and Gamification coming soon

Recently, we sent a survey out to our brands regarding the impact of adding social and gamification functionality to the World Manager platform. Behind the scenes, our talented development team have been looking at ways to open the platform up and allow employees to communicate more freely with other employees and managers in their own location, as well as all other locations. This feature has already begun development, and part of the survey we sent out was to ensure we were on track with what we wanted to do. An overwhelming 75% said yes this would dramatically improve engagement, so it’s coming this year! We have also created a World Manager Community Board for the social & gamification upgrade project. We will have heavy admin-level users within our community working with us as we progress with the upgrades.

Additional features being discussed are adding an awards and points system to various activities within the World Manager platform – providing employees the ability to earn and receive additional perks and prizes.

Each month we will provide an update on how the upgrades are progressing and have more definitive launch dates within a few months. Stay and gamification is coming to your platform this year!

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