Twin Peaks Enhancing Their Business Operations by Utilizing Full Range of Online Tools

To help achieve their rapid growth strategy, Twin Peaks implemented the complete range of training and development, communications and operations tools offered by World Manager that could be accessed on mobile devices and provided instant reporting. Read below how they transformed their current training into online training.

What was your main reason for launching your existing training online?

We already had a system to deliver training that was working for us, but we were entering a period of heavy expansion, and we needed a solution that was proven to support rapid growth. What we now have in place is providing flexible training for all our employee levels.

What were your specific requirements when transitioning to online training?

One of our main goals was to have the ability to deliver training and content through mobile devices, that would actually be user-friendly. We went with World Manager who also provides a host of other tools we launched at the same time, and all the tools are 100% mobile for us.

How valuable has it been for your business delivering your training on mobiles and tablets?

It has saved us countless hours per location, and we are more efficient in delivering training throughout all our locations. All of our training staff members do not need to be at the location to be able to review the training scores or content that used to be done by hand. We can also determine the training and compliance of our locations through simple online reports.

The other added value we never expected was the ability to communicate daily with all our managers and staff. With our messaging throughout the platform we named Peaks Point, we have opened the doors of communication with our teams.

How was your process of migrating from your existing training process to online training?

We worked with the World Manager instructional designers to convert our initial training content to the online training version. That initial stage took us about four weeks. We needed to convert the format of our existing content and we also needed to determine how the new process of delivering the content would work when we were going live.

How easily has it been to create or update your training content?

Our own internal training team can edit all of the content within Peaks Point without the need for a third party. We can also make all our own content, and it has been very easy to update content online. We already have our pre-established templates that we can copy and edit to create new tests or training online. We then inform all of our users through the notices tool that new content has been added to the platform and they can access it anytime.

What are the main benefits to the training team in delivering mobile e-Learning?

Quick and free access to creating tests, with a very fast and effective delivery system to mobile phones and tablets. Our built-in Peaks Point reporting is outstanding for benchmarking performance.

On average, how long does it take you to create an online training test?

It is a very fast process. It might take approximately 1-8 hours to make and upload the content depending on the nature of the content.

What was your launch strategy?

We originally wanted to launch all the tools we had access to in Peaks Point. We decided to pick the ones that were most relevant for our business in the initial stages. We launched the full training and communications tools and a few of the features from the operations tools that were relevant for us. After our launch, we have been adding content in the other tools to enhance the operations and reporting.

How was the learning curve of your team?

We had an initial core project team that was trained in the functionality of the platform. Prior to launch, and to get the rest of the users ready, we delivered training, to our Director of Operations and managers at our locations. Our main core team has provided continuous support to our users.

What advice would you give other brands if they were to launch online training?

Determine the new processes once your platform goes live, and understand the differences compared to your prior processes. Keep on creating relevant and engaging content for your users on a regular basis.

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