What’s new and what’s coming in 2018

What’s new and what’s coming in 2018

What’s new and what’s coming:

  • Global Paperless Contract Generation Release
  • World Manager and Broadbean Partnership
  • Appraisals Upgrades


Global Paperless Contract Generation Release

With the upcoming Contract Generation tool, Managers will be able to make contracts and send them through the platform to employees, enabling employees to sign using the new e-signature feature on their mobile device.  All new employee contracts and company forms can be signed online by the manager and employee. Contract Generation is only Phase 1 of several more releases including New Hire Checklists, Employee Engagement Induction, Cross-Boarding and Off-Boarding. In future articles we will provide more detail on these other phases.


World Manager and Broadbean Partnership

Further solidifying the addition of these new HR tools is a partnership with Broadbean. This has allowed Brands, using our Recruitment tool, to access the top job boards and social media platforms on a global level, saving HR teams resources and reducing systems and processes to reach a larger talent pool of candidates at the click of a button. Companies of any size can drastically minimize costs around report tracking, data collection, analysis, testing, and follow-up by creating all online systems internally within World Manager. Broadbean has also created a special pricing model for brands within the World Manager Community.


Appraisals Upgrades

Sweeping changes to appraisals is also on the 2018 upgrade roadmap for Q2 and Q3. World Manager will be working with many of our key brands who are heavy recruitment and appraisal users to ensure we get our upgrade roadmap right. Our Relationship Managers have already reached out to our key brands plus brands who have requested to be part of the upgrade scoping team.

We will add three fundamental upgrades to the Appraisals tool to provide a smoother user experience and more flexibility.

  1. Acknowledgement workflow will be simplified to deliver a better user experience.
  2. We will provide the ability to reset the force completion appraisals without contacting our support team.
  3. Appraisers will be able to view appraise answers while completing their questions without having to open or print the answers.


For more information about these upgrades contact us to find out more.