World Manager announces release of integrated Scheduling Suite

The World Manager Scheduling Suite, powered by ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling, allows you to effortlessly put your customers first. Create schedules, view store labor optics and ensure you have the right people on at the right time all within your custom platform.

With a focus on visibility, the Scheduling Suite provides dynamic scheduling, labor optimization, shift swapping and mobile time & attendance. This comprehensive suite provides your staff with everything they need, now all integrated within the World Manager Platform.

Managers can create staff schedules, allowing a seamless user experience while driving platform engagement. We also harvest point of sales and foot traffic data. In a few simple steps ZUUS forecasts sales trends and uses your labor model to help your managers make the smartest staff changes.


Highlights of the Scheduling Suite

  • Visual staff scheduling views highlight where you are under or over staffing. The Labor Optix interface makes sure your schedules come out on target and that you hit your relevant labor metrics. Managers can maintain great customer service levels without any wage wastage.
  • Real time dashboards ensure your managers have profitability in mind when they build schedules. Over or under targets are highlighted in red so that managers always know where they stand relative to their targets.
  • Ability to share employees between locations. Eliminate unnecessary overtime spending. Staff can swap, ask for fill-ins and confirm shifts. Time and attendance records employee time in the myZUUS mobile app or on-site tablets with biometrics and geotagging. At any time you can make proactive decisions by comparing staff schedules to what actually happened.
  • Wage and Award interpretation ensures scheduled and actual wages are fully costed and stick to budget forecast. Automatic calculation of overtime & wage penalties puts local labor laws into the forefront of the managers’ minds.
  • Integrations with your payroll software. Employee data and time and attendance data can be shared with your payroll software, reducing payroll admin by more than 85%. 


The new Scheduling Suite is available now – see your Relationship Manager for more information or contact Support about setting up this suite.