World Manager Canada Now Open

Our Founder and CEO, Gary Valkenburg was born in British Columbia Canada. Gary was actually a restaurant/retail trainer for nearly 20 years. As Gary spent time traveling the world opening restaurants and training staff, he realized there was really no control or consistency of locations at a head office level. Each location and every General Manager was doing whatever they wanted and not following company policies and standards. That is where Gary came up with the idea and need for World Manager. World Manager was first created in Gary‘s bedroom in Sydney Australia in 2005.

Within a few short years World Manager became the industry leader within Australia Franchising for helping brands grow. In the first 9 years alone, from 2005 to 2014, brands using World Manager showed up on Australia’s Business Review Weekly (BRW) ‘Fast-Growing’ lists over 90 times. World Manager and our brands using the platform since 2005 have won over 34 industry awards. 13 years on, World Manager has offices around the world, with over 300 brands in the World Manager community, and being used in over 52 countries.

After opening offices in Australia and the United States Gary has brought his company home! “I am extremely proud to be able to bring World Manager home after all these years. We have seen an incredible uptake in our product in the Canadian market, and the feedback from the Canadian Franchising community has been overwhelmingly positive. We already have very large Canadian Franchising companies using our platform, and we are in discussions with dozens more for an early 2019 launch” – Gary Valkenburg

Gary set out to provide the most user-friendly platform in the market for both employees and administrators. The goal was to create a platform to allow every CEO to train, track and communicate with every employee in the world, by-the-minute, plus control company compliance nationally and globally. Today, brands come to World Manager when they are experiencing pain in lack of visibility in tracking training compliance across the country, frustrations in setting up operational systems to support rapid growth, and just overall problems with seeing what is going in every location across the country with operational standards.

One of Gary’s specialties in training was teaching employees sales and up-selling skills. When he started World Manager he made a promise that he would not up-sell his clients, and would not lock them into the standard long-term contracts.  “In my 20 years of training one of the key goals was to teach staff how to up-sell. Also, a common revenue generating technique in business is to ‘increase your wallet share by selling more to your existing clients’. I was so tired of the industry sales techniques and the long-term contracts, I set out to break the traditions and be the training industry’s biggest market disruptor.” - Gary Valkenburg

Today World Manager still offers VIP treatment for all our brands including:

  • No fixed term contracts
  • Free upgrades for the life of your agreement
  • No price increases, ever
  • Free customer support
  • A free Relationship Manager for the life of your agreement


Contact the World Manager Canada team today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.