World Manager Enterprise Multi-Location Employee Upgrade Makes It Easier To Share Employees And Stay Efficient

Ensuring schedules are filled and stores are staffed throughout this pandemic have been a challenge for most brands. More than ever, brands must share their employees across multiple stores to make sure customers are being taken care of.

This can be a challenge for most store managers and general managers as they can appreciate the help they are receiving from a borrowed employee, but do they know what that employee’s skill set is? Are they sure they have been trained on the task the borrowing store is asking of them? World Manager wanted to make sure we made this easy for brands to manage.

With our newest release, Enterprise Multi-Location Accounts, we will be providing brands with the ability to not only share an employee across multiple stores but provide the store managers and general managers with access to their training and development achievements.

So, what does this mean?

World Manager is one of the few Learning Management Systems in the world that can provide managers with the ability to see precisely what training an employee has completed and what skillset that employee excels at before they create their schedule. This ensures that the right employee is being placed on the right task during the shift.

Managing performance

This provides managers that manage multiple stores or have employees working shifts at different stores the ability to continue their training at the store they are working at. Managers can now collaborate on the training plan for the employee and ensure their development continues even while being shared.

Ensures consistency from store-to-store

Seeing employee training progress ensures that the borrowing manager is providing consistent service to their customers regardless of the store that the employee is working at. Once again, seeing the skill set of the borrowed employee makes it easy for managers to fill their schedule with the right people doing each job for that shift.

Communicate efficiently with employees

Additionally, the new Enterprise Multi-Location Account upgrade from World Manager will ensure that employees receive targeted communications and policy acknowledgments for each store they work at. This is just another way to ensure stores stay running as efficiently as possible – even when borrowing employees to fill out schedules.

Watch the following video to see in-depth how our new Enterprise Multi-Location Accounts feature will benefit your company.

Enterprise Multi-Location Accounts Highlight Video

With World Manager, your custom branded, white-labeled platform and app, you can conduct automated performance reviews on the go. Self-appraisals and 2-way evaluations can be scheduled at specific stages of the employee lifecycle (for example, 1, 2, and 3 months into their career). Employees and managers will now have complete visibility into their personal and overall company goals. Automated reporting creates detailed statistics on employee feedback, and the platform allows for open communication between employees and managers.

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