World Manager is Expanding Platform Capabilities with Unlimited Employee User Groups and Multi-Group Hierarchy

You asked, and we listened. Another item that was asked for in the survey to our brands was expanding the ability for additional employee user groups and management levels.  This is a two-part change to the current platform and will be implemented in phases throughout 2020.

The first task is to expand the number of user groups that employees can be assigned to in the platform. Creating unlimited user groups, which is currently set at a limit of 10, ultimately allows administrators the ability to create additional user roles for targeted content!

Once we have completed the initial phase of opening up the amount of employee user groups, we can focus on the ability to create multi-store managers and multi-store employees. This allows employees to be assigned to multiple stores within the organization. Finally, we will then add the ability for multi-group hierarchy accounts. This allows accounts to be in multiple account groups. An excellent example of this would be an assistant manager in training – giving them the ability to be assigned to the account group of their current role, but also expanding their development by accessing the training and content for account group role they are in training for. 

"One of the major items that came out of the brand survey we sent out earlier this year was to expand the ability for training managers to add employees to multiple account roles or multiple locations. As we work with bigger and bigger corporations with multiple concepts or locations around the world, we found that we needed to have more user account levels for content targeting in the platform. The good news is this is already in development and we will have our first phase of implementation in 2020", says Gary Valkenburg, World Manager Founder and CEO.

Look for more information in the coming months on these exciting new changes coming in 2020!

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