World Manager Launches New Daily Training Recap Feature

Part of a good training program is to have a daily or weekly training recap with all trainees after completing a training course or workshop. World Manager has taken another step in ensuring that our training platform is the most comprehensive training and people development tool in the world by adding a Training Recap feature to the platform.

Training Recaps can be set up for employees to complete on their mobile device with a simple questionnaire about that day or week’s training content. Upon completion, managers are notified that the Training Recap has been completed and can review the trainee’s responses. The Managers can also assign action items for the trainee to either review, or complete – ultimately ensuring that all training materials are being understood and gauging the progress of the trainee’s understanding and comfortability of the task or job.

“We are excited to add yet another valuable tool to our platform that benefits not only training managers, but every employee that completes any on the job training. As a trainer, I used daily training recaps after every course or workshop I conducted throughout my entire career. We would store all the recaps in the filing cabinet for the Training Manager to review before signing off on the trainee completing training. Adding this new feature to the World Manager platform provides all our brands with another checkpoint in a trainee’s progress,” says, World Manager founder and CEO, Gary Valkenburg.

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