World Manager launching key recruitment and appraisal upgrades based on community feedback

Brand feedback shapes the improvements that we continue to bring to our community and we are excited to announce the changes being made to the Recruitment and Appraisals tools to launch before the end of the year.

Recruitment Upgrades

The Recruitment tool enables you to search, track and identify the right candidate in a streamlined way. We are adding additional talent pool functionality:

  • National Talent Pool filtering enhancements.
  • Talent Pool filtering enhancements.
  • Positions List filtering enhancements.


To help managers and recruiters easily find applicants in the national talent pool, we are splitting the filters into 2 groups & renaming the existing filter options to make their purpose clearer. Additionally, we are adding in more search criteria in the actual position talent pool and new features to visibly show who created and posted the role.

  • Show Gold Star status to all managers.


The ability to favourite applicants has been extended so all manager’s during the recruitment process can see who other hiring managers have favourited. This ensures that particular candidates are all looked at by the same people and the best candidate is viewed by required parties.

  • Ability to reinstate and reset declined applicant progress.
  • Move applicants to a new location.


When viewing a declined applicant there is a new option which allows you to reinstate and reset that applicant for potentially a different location in the same position. You will also be able to move an applicant to a new location to be processed.


Appraisals upgrades

The World Manager Appraisals tool is a vital tool for increasing accuracy, productivity, and engagement in every organization. Our focus is to help your organization manage and simplify the appraisals process.

The launch of Appraisal notifications ensures your appraisals process is accurate, completed and managed on time. Customized appraisal email templates give you the opportunity to engage with your employee to suit your business and procedures.


For more information about these upgrades contact us to find out more.