World Manager Makes it Easier for Brands to Add Additional Training Content with the New Enterprise Learning Release

2021 has been a huge year for World Manager as we provide brands with the functionality to help grow their business. From the new Enterprise hierarchy to advanced social functionality, the platform is designed to help brands engage with their employees at all levels.

But we didn’t stop there. We know that to create a culture and continually develop employees to fill higher roles in an organization, the training has to be targeted and inclusive enough for employees to have optional training. These optional training courses are designed to be additional learning content to help employees expand their knowledge and help brands create a succession plan for growth.

That is why World Manager is adding yet another feature to our Enterprise upgrades – Enterprise Learning.

With the new ACTIV tool upgrades earlier this year, we made it easier for brands to build new content and expand their optional training offerings. But what about pre-built courses from other providers? With the new Enterprise Learning, brands will now be able to add more than just SCORM 1.2 content.  Our Enterprise Learning will support all versions of SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI (also known as Tin Can API), AICC, and cmi5 versions of training content!

This new upgrade ensures that no matter what standard your training content is designed in, you can upload it to your World Manager platform and make it available to your employees – both required training or optional.

The new Enterprise Learning Release will be in platforms for brands later this month.

World Manager provides your custom branded, white-labeled platform and app. This allows you to communicate, train, hire and manage operations from a single source of truth. With recent upgrades to facilitate Enterprise brands, employees and managers have access to all resources required for their roles that they can access from anywhere. In addition, automated reporting creates detailed statistics on training and performance, while the platform allows for open communication across the company.

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