World Manager receives recognition as one of the Top 25 HR Technology solution providers of 2017 by APAC CIO Outlook

World Manager receives recognition as one of the Top 25 HR Technology solution providers of 2017 by APAC CIO Outlook

Silicon Valley, CA, 2017-05-06 – HR technology with its value-added solutions has become a key enabler of progress and organizational success. With these developing trends coming to light in the HR space, World Manager changed the course of the industry with its pioneering HR solutions.

Technology usage and dependency in HR has increased across the board, with more than 64 percent of the organizations having at least partially automated their business processes. Gone are the days of HR-Technology infusion primarily coming from the major IT players. The market today has witnessed a staggering rise of small and mid-sized vendors catering to the changing business needs.

With this regard, the HR technologies delivered are shifting from integrated talent management to people management practices, on-premise stand-alone software to cloud-based solutions, and single-device solutions to multi-device platforms. Subsequently, having demonstrated the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their HR technologies and solutions that foster business continuity, these small to mid-sized firms have gained wide acceptance, in spite of dominance by large organizations. Currently, it is an open market with numerous companies competing for primary market positioning.

These promising HR technology companies are helping customers adopt the latest holistic HR tools that are more user-centric, team-focused, and employee-empowering. The customized solutions provided to enterprises, regardless of their size, have led to seamless integration and automation of HR functions and components. Helping clients adapt to the fast-paced progression of technology, solution providers are guiding them in crafting and implementing their 'Digital HR' strategy as well.

In accordance with the above, our editorial panel with the help of reputable and erudite industry analysts and CXOs, bring to you “25 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers” who delivers powerful and innovative tools

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