World Manager taking All-in-one HR to a new level with announcement of all new tools

World Manager taking All-in-one HR to a new level with announcement of all new tools

World Manager is creating sweeping upgrades to almost all the HR tools. Several phases of new paperless onboarding, and contract generation tools are going live this year, plus an overhaul of recruitment and appraisals tools.


For the past decade, having our HR tools integrated into the one platform has been one of the biggest benefits to World Manager brand. Our seamless process of applying for a job, reviewing a resume, hiring the applicant, allocating a username and password and having them start training all online in the one platform has been a key feature of World Manager.

However, in the past 18 months we have seen the biggest shift in HR technology over any other trend we have witnessed in the last 12 years since online training became the hottest trend in the market.

We have seen the HR technology change dramatically, and HR upgrade requests from our brands have ramped up considerably. For brands in the World Manager Community, our roadmap for the remainder of this year is addressing these major HR trends by improving our already comprehensive HR suite by releasing two key new tools, and upgrading a few of the most heavily used tools. Every quarter for the next three quarters we will be releasing upgrades to completely overhaul the World Manager HR suite offering.

The expectations of an ‘onboarding’ product has changed a lot in the last 5 years. Even the definition of onboarding has evolved. In Asia Pacific, onboarding was defined as something completely different than in America. Globally the onboarding expectations have aligned and our different regions are now asking for similar functionality. This makes our job of delivery easier with consistent expectations from our brands around the world.

We are excited about the release of two new tools, Onboarding, and Contract Generation going live this year. Onboarding will be first, then later this year, the onboarding upgrade will be followed by the global release of our new Contract Generation tool. Plus, we are also doing an overhaul of our current recruitment and appraisals tools to keep them best practice in the industry.

We will be releasing a new article every month showcasing new detailed features of all our HR tools, for now, here’s a high-level overview of our roadmap.

Onboarding in the United States

Our team is just months away from launching a top-quality onboarding solution in the US market for our brands to do paperless I9, W4 and 8850 (WOTC) forms. All these onboarding features are being provided for free as part of the HR suite. Companies in the World Manager community will not be charged a fee for every employee processed through our Onboarding tool. It is a completely unique product offering in the market. On top of this upgrade we are releasing a Forms Packet tool, allowing companies to make fillable PDF forms that employees are required to sign upon taking a job. These forms will pre-populate the majority of employee details that were originally entered, then having employees simply add in information from the required extra fields.

This will be one of only a few products in the United States built for multi-location franchising and retail companies that will also be 100 percent integrated into an entire suite of HR tools.

Global Contract Generation Release

With the upcoming Contract Generation tool, Managers will be able to make contracts, send them through the platform to employees, enabling employees to sign using the new e-signature feature on their mobile device. All new employee contracts and company forms can be signed online by the manager and employee. Contract Generation is only Phase 1 of several more releases including New Hire Checklists, Employee Engagement Induction, Cross-Boarding and Off-Boarding. In future articles we will provide more detail on these other phases.

World Manager and Broadbean Partnership

Further solidifying the addition of these new HR tools is a partnership with Broadbean, which allows Brands using our Recruitment tool, access to the top job boards and social media platforms on a global level, saving HR teams resources and reducing systems and processes to reach a larger talent pool of candidates at the click of a button. Companies of any size can drastically minimize costs around report tracking, data collection, analysis, testing, and follow-up by creating all online systems internally within World Manager. Broadbean has also created a special pricing model for brands within the World Manager Community.

Recruitment and Appraisals Upgrades

Sweeping changes to recruitment and appraisals is also on the 2017 upgrade roadmap. World Manager will be working with many of our key brands who are heavy recruitment and appraisal users to ensure we get our upgrade roadmap right. Our Relationship Managers have already reached out to our key brands plus brands who have requested to be part of the upgrade scoping team.

Again, stay tuned for more announcements at our Global Master Classes in August and September, plus upcoming newsletters. We will also be posting regular upgrade announcements in our World Manager Online Community. If you are already in our World Manager Community and would like to understand further details regarding our Recruitment and Appraisals upgrade priorities please speak with your relationship manager.


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