World Manager Adding Optional Training Courses Next Year

The world’s best training and development platform is about to get even better! Next year we will be adding a new feature that gives brands the ability to provide their employees with optional/self-enrollment training courses – ultimately enhancing their personal development.

“This new feature is a direct result of the survey we sent out to our brands. We received a lot of requests for having the ability to provide employees with optional training courses, and we felt this was another way for our brands to ensure that their employees stay happy and can continue their career development,” says Gary Valkenburg, World Manager Founder and CEO.

In addition to creating the ability for optional training, we are also working on a partnership that will enhance our off-the-shelf content offerings that can be purchased and offered through the World Manager platform. We are busy looking at ways to implement these new courses via SCORM in both optional training courses and targeted online training. By providing our brands with access to thousands of pre-made courses, World Manager is making it even easier for national training managers to provide employee development content and measure the success of employees utilizing the optional training.

Look for additional details of this great new feature in the coming months!

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