World Manager Welcomes 10 New Brands to the Community

World Manager Welcomes 10 New Brands to the Community

We are proud to welcome 10 more Brands throughout the United States, Canada and the Asia-Pacific to the World Manager Community. These companies are going fully mobile with operations tools, location audits, training, the entire HR employee lifecycle and communications suites.



Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza has been a Canadian leader and innovator since 1967.  The Pizza Pizza network, including Pizza73, is composed of more than 600 traditional and non-traditional restaurants coast to coast, employing over 3,000 Canadians. They provide a flavorful, varied and high-quality menu to pizza-lovers of all ages and tastes. As a result, the Pizza Pizza organization has become a leader in the quick service segment of the Canadian foodservice industry and one of the top pizza restaurant chains in the country.



Gold’s Gym

Gold's Gym has been the world’s trusted fitness authority since 1965. From its beginning as a small gym in Venice, California, Gold’s Gym has grown into a global icon with more than 700 locations serving 3 million people across six continents each day. Featuring personalized transformation plans, state-of-the-art equipment, certified personal trainers, a diverse group exercise program and a supportive, motivating environment, Gold’s Gym delivers the most dynamic fitness experience in the industry. More than a gym, Gold’s Gym combines coaching, community and more than 50 years of fitness expertise to help people around the world achieve their potential through fitness. 


Hurricane's Grill 

Founder and CEO Tony Teixeira, started Hurricane's over 2 decades ago. Tony’s dream was to create a new casual dining experience for meat and seafood lovers. He wanted to draw on his traditional Portuguese, South African and Modern Australian influences, using premium quality local produce and a unique grilling style


Bay Audio

Bay Audio is a specialist provider of diagnostic/ rehabilitative treatment and cutting edge advice for the general public and industry professionals about hearing loss and prevention.



Shuckin' Shack

Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar cultivated from a  vision for a local establishment that would appeal to families of all ages, a place where friends and family can enjoy a great meal of primarily Oysters and Shrimp!  Shuckin' Shack began franchising in 2014 and has over 10 locations in the United States, mostly in the coastal Carolina's.


Spinato's Pizzeria 

Spinato's Pizzeria is family-owned and has operated in the Phoenix area for over 40 years with five dine-in locations.  They also manufacture their own product line of sauces, dressings and gluten-free pizzas, which are distributed into a variety of stores throughout the United States.


Scene to Believe 

When Scene to Believe launched in 1997 their primary goal was to set the benchmark in event photography for quality, service and technological innovation. Today they're recognized as the ‘one stop shop’ for event photography, employing approximately 1,200 people nation wide and offering a variety of innovative photography, social media and video solutions to various markets. Their most recent development (and a very popular one at that) is their Instagram photo booth.


Mr and Mrs Jones

Mr and Mrs Jones is a retailer of gift and homeware. Their range is design-led, interesting, and fun. Mr & Mrs Jones has the best range of Gifts, Stationery, Accessories, Cards, Decorations, Lighting and more.


Motto Motto

Motto Motto is the Japanese term for ‘More More’, something Motto Motto lives by. More healthy food, made more accessible. More fine dining, made more casual. And more eating out, made more enjoyable! At Motto Motto, they're not just different, they're more more innovative. Brought to life by the people behind the nation's most awarded Japanese restaurant, Sono, Motto Motto is unique in bringing fine dining ingredients and quality to the world of fast, casual Japanese dining. Their restaurants boast contemporary, beautiful design to make casual dining a pleasure, while their menu features more premium ingredients without the high prices.


Nando's South Africa

The Nando’s story started centuries ago, when the Portuguese explorers set sail for the East. The winds of Africa called them ashore and it was there they were introduced to the African Bird’s Eye Chilli – more commonly known as PERi-PERi. A spice like no other, they used it to create a unique PERi-PERi sauce that put fire in their bellies and ignited passion in their souls. It was the same PERi-PERi flavor that inspired Fernando Duarte to invite his friend Robbie Brozin to a humble Portuguese eatery in the heart of Rosettenville, South Africa in 1987. After just one bite of the mouth-watering PERi-PERi marinated and basted chicken, they knew it was a taste that had to be shared. Right from the start, the two founders had great ambition for their small business. The next few years passed in a blur of long hours and hot kitchens. Riding on the back of their food’s growing reputation, Robbie and Fernando opened a second restaurant, in Savoy, North Johannesburg. And then another - always flying by the seat of their pants, taking risks, feeling as though they could fail at any moment. From the very beginning, the founders wanted Nando’s to be more than chicken and profit. Their slogan in the early days was “have fun and then make money” but always in the right way, giving people opportunities and making a positive impact on their lives. The rest is history! Today, you can find Nando’s restaurants and their addictive grocery range right around the world. 


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