World Manager’s Optional Training Makes Tailored Leadership Training Possible

In most industries, many different training courses can provide you with basic sales training, induction training, or any OH&S training. However, one subject often overlooked. More and more Mid-Market and Enterprise companies are starting to realize the importance of tailored leadership training and are exploring new ways to deliver their content.

Managers and leaders are vital in communicating and mentoring the critical assets in an organization – their staff. A leadership style plays a significant role in this development. It can generally be summarized as how a manager or leader applies their personality and temperament concerning their staff and the way they manage and make business decisions. Your managers’ leadership skills will have a significant impact on the culture of both employees and customers.

What to consider when rolling out a new leadership training program across larger Enterprise companies?

Even in organizations with excellent company culture, individual areas and locations may require a different training approach. For example, each location or area could be at a different stage of its leadership development or have special local area requirements.

It is not unusual to promote your top retail sales representatives into management positions; what occurs often is that they struggle to make the effective transition from salesperson to manager. Managing people requires specific skills, whether learning how to delegate, time management, prioritizing, implementing new policies’ or having difficult conversations. Our World Manager Off the Shelf Training courses will support an employee to transition from contributing to a team to leading a team.

Having a central online training platform where employees can go in, and complete Leadership training will drive engagement, lower employee turnover, and improve your overall company culture. Providing this training as optional learning will also increase training retention and allow employees to show initiative and drive to grow with your organization. Optional learning is also a great way to develop existing leaders and build formal succession plans.

How can Enterprise companies introduce ‘Leadership training’ and optional learning to their World Manager platform?

World Manager, your custom branded, white-labeled platform and app, allows you to provide leadership training through our ‘Optional Learning’ tool for smaller businesses to Enterprise companies. End-users can choose their career path, and self-paced learning allows for better training retention and engagement with your staff. In addition, our Off the Shelf management courses will help you set up new Leadership training programs with ease and confidence.

Having the choice to make learning optional is a great enhancement, especially as we have a keen focus on building capability across the business this year to meet our strategic plans. 
Being able to offer a range of optional modules for our colleagues keen to work on their own self-development and tailor what they put their efforts into offers that flexibility that they want.

- Claire Shepherd, Manager People Capability – Cash Converters

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