World Manager’s New Enterprise Hierarchy Ensures You Can Manage and Measure Performance

To have and maintain a competitive advantage in today's ever-changing business environment, it is essential to stay on top of your company’s performance, and invest time to accurately analyze and measure performance, throughout all levels of the organization. With World Manager’s new Enterprise Hierarchy upgrade, we have made it possible to target and measure performance of all employee levels within the company.  

World Managers Enterprise Hierarchy allows Admins, Managers, and Employees to be created into unlimited account groups across multiple locations worldwide, targeting content and reporting for compliance, communication, mandatory and optional training.

An effective performance management framework can be seen as key to the success of an organization and plays a crucial role by ensuring:

  • Employees understand the importance of their contribution in achieving the overall targets of an organization.
  • Each employee understands their expectations, and Head Office can identify what training and support will be needed to meet these expectations.
  • A better alignment within the employee’s objectives to those of the organization.
  • A better relationship between an employee and their line manager through regular communication and feedback.

Using the correct hierarchy within your Learning Management System ensures that you are able to correctly set up communication, track learning completion and manage operational excellence for each of your employees and their locations. 

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