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We are proud to welcome 10 more Brands throughout the United States, Canada and the Asia-Pacific to ...
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Conference Insight: Your #1 pain pointOur very first national World Manager conference “Nourish” was...
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Our Founder and CEO, Gary Valkenburg was born in British Columbia Canada. Gary was actually a restau...
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Fantastic Furniture enhances its operations processes with the Location Reviews tool

Fantastic Furniture previously did not have an online tool for Location Reviews to be stored. Paper based methods were used to action and record information. Since implementing the World Manager® platform, Fantastic Furniture discovered the true benefits of utilizing a multitude of functionalities available, which enhance their productivity. 

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Bing Lee creates an effective staff training experience with the Online Training tool

Online training has become an integral part of the Bing Lee company induction and training programme. The ability to target training to specific groups ensures the appropriate training is delivered to the right people, at any given time.

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Billabong streamlines its qualification processes using the Traineeship Tracker tool

Billabong launched their Campus with the Traineeship Tracker to deliver qualifications online to all of their team across the country. Utilizing online functionality, this eliminated the need for vast paper documents and participants could complete their training on mobile devices.

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Twin Peaks setting the pace with 100% mobile eLearning for their employees

Twin Peaks has launched 4 suites of tools encompassing around 30 tools to enhance their business operations. Training, human resources, communications, and operations are all accessed through mobile devices, supporting the rapid growth.

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SumoSalad maintains their high level of standards utilizing the online training and checklists tools

As one of the fastest growing and extremely successful fast food franchises in the market, SumoSalad have a strong focus on training, compliance and sign offs for competencies. Online Training on their platform has meant that all previous paper-based training material is now easily accessible by team members at any given time across the globe, ensuring their standards are kept at a high level.

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World Manager launches off the shelf content you can actually edit!

World Manager and professional training providers are partnering to build editable content customers can actually edit themselves! World Manager will be making several announcements in the coming months introducing the new partners and what courses will be offered.

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Greencross Ltd unifies its brands using one communications platform

Launching their platform in 2009, Greencross Ltd has grown to include Petbarn, Animates, City Farmers and Greencross Vets among its brands. This growth has meant training, communication and reporting are more important than ever. The World Manager platform has ensured staff, are utilizing these to the highest of standards.

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See how valuable the World Manager Forums tool is to the Hog’s Breath Café

Hog’s Breath Café uses many tools within the World Manager suites, however the Forums tool is one of the simplest to launch, and has proven to be the most valuable for gaining feedback and sharing ideas with front line staff.

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Price Attack implements location review tool to analyze store operations

Price Attack revised and updated their Retail and Salon operations, by implementing the World Manager Location Review tool. They obtain a detailed, objective analysis and overview of current store operations, and achieved a national operational standards benchmark.

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Cue online Incident Reports – a game changer for accountability

Cue is a fashion pioneer that has very successfully launched their new incident report tool. By eliminating paper reports and emails they are able to easily report on trends and occurrences and manage the follow up process. They save time tracking incidents and forms coming through the business in a more streamlined fashion.

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Automotive Brands engaging employees with interactive LMS

Automotive Brands’ ‘The Hub’ platform has seen a dramatic increase in logins and engagement with their Team Members. The Head Office Team have developed a new and effective process of communication through their platform simply by changing a few small areas.

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World Manager welcomes 9 new brands

We are proud to welcome 9 more Brands throughout the United States and Australia to the World Manager Community. These companies are going fully mobile with operations tools, location audits, training, the entire HR employee lifecycle and communications suites.

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Guzman Y Gomez Integrating Systems to Streamline On-boarding

Guzman Y Gomez have modernised their HR on-boarding process by bringing two amazing tools together. Staff now complete induction training and provide their payroll details before they even start work. This has been accomplished by integrating their VIVA GYG World Manager platform and Roster with ROSS.

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YMCA Skyrocketing Productivity with New Compliance & Reporting

Using cutting edge cloud technology, YMCA have dramatically improved the tracking of training completion rates, qualifications and stayed up-to-date on employee details on a daily and weekly basis. YMCA previously had no system in place to manage compliance and reporting requirements. Now YMCA have fully harnessed the many compliance functionalities within their World Manager platform.

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World Manager welcomes 15 new brands

We are proud to welcome 15 more Brands throughout the United States and Australia to the World Manager Community. These companies are going fully mobile with operations tools, location audits, training, the entire HR employee lifecycle and communications suites.

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Billabong LMS reaching GenY with Instagram and videos

In the initial stages of the launch of their World Manager ‘CAMPUS’ platform, Billabong creatively designed and utilised their homepage as a key form of engagement with their primary GenY Team Members all across the country. The company culture has been brilliantly demonstrated through the use of widgets including Links, Videos, Images and Iframes displaying their social media feeds, as well as incorporating Communication Suite tools. Managers from any level can communicate and respond to their Team Members at any time through various avenues on the platform.

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16 new brands join World Manager Community

We are proud to welcome 16 more Brands this quarter throughout the United States, UK and Australia to the World Manager 7.0 Community. These companies are going fully mobile with operations tools, location audits, training, the entire HR employee lifecycle and communications.

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12 More Iconic Brands Spanning 3 Countries Join The World Manager Community

In 2014, 12 more Brands throughout the United States, Indonesia and Australia are launching their companies into the corporate cloud. Using the Global provider World Manager, these companies are revolutionizing the way they train, track and communicate with their employees globally. Read on to see which brands are launching World Manager around the globe.

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12 More Brands To Transform the Way They Communicate With Their Employees

World Manager is proud to welcome another 12 renowned National and International brands to our Community. From Ben and Jerry's delicious icecream to Billabong's iconic surfwear, brands around the world are recognizing the need to transform the way they communicate with their employees by launching the HR, communications and training via our mobile technology. Read on to find out who has recently joined the mobile revolution.

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7 Golden Rules for Creating High Quality e-Learning at AMT Group

There is a fine balance between creating engaging and interactive e-Learning content, while also ensuring you are getting significant “cut through” of important information. We spoke to AMT Group’s Learning and Development Manager Luke Johnson to get his take on how to create excellent e-Learning material.

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