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We are proud to welcome 10 more Brands throughout the United States, Canada and the Asia-Pacific to ...
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Conference Insight: Your #1 pain pointOur very first national World Manager conference “Nourish” was...
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Our Founder and CEO, Gary Valkenburg was born in British Columbia Canada. Gary was actually a restau...
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Goals Are Front Of Mind At Fantastic Holdings

You know how it goes…at the end of a long and sometimes difficult Performance Appraisal, a few brief minutes are dedicated to setting goals for the following year. Unfortunately, most of these goals aren’t revisited until the next review. In this article, Fantastic Holdings Limited looks at how to keep those goals front of mind and ensure they are followed through.

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Training on the Menu at Snag Stand

Artisan sausage franchise Snag Stand takes the training process very seriously, and has recently enlisted the assistance of an experienced training manager to develop its training program. Find out what they're doing to take their training to the next level.

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Red Rooster's Advice for Avoiding The Common Pitfalls of Performance Appraisals

There’s one sure fire way to strike fear and dread into the hearts of managers and employees alike. Announce that it’s time for Annual Performance Appraisals. Lorraine Boswell - Chief People and Culture Officer at Red Rooster and QSRH, explores some of the common reasons why performance appraisals fail to hit the mark and how YOU can avoid them.

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Lovisa's Innovative Approach To Save Time and Money with e-Recruitment

Fashion Jewellery Brand Lovisa are turning recruitment on its head by utilizing e-recruitment technology and video resumes to bring energy, excitement and FUN to the process. In this article, we chat to Lovisa’s Operations Manager - Alice Davis about how this approach has changed the face of their hiring process and how it could save YOU time and money.

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The Coffee Club and Other Top Brands Move to Enterprise Social Systems

With spread of the smartphone and tablets, franchise businesses are cottoning onto the benefits of closer, up-to-the minute business collaboration. In this article, Sylvia Pennington explores how adding a social layer to traditional collaborative business tools has the ability to change the face of the franchising industry.

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The Future Of Corporate Training

Training and Development Managers are working hard to try keep pace with the changing world of business. The influx of technological advancements has seen the emergence of three key trends in the training space; the decentralization of the corporate training team, the rise of social learning communities and the development of mLearning. What will these trends mean for business?

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Jurlique Take Their Global Communication and Training Mobile

Jurlique, a global natural skin care and beauty brand, have recently adopted technology that will help to revolutionize their internal communications and training capability. Rebecca Nicholls, Jurlique’s Global Education Director, describes what the introduction of mobile technology will mean for their teams globally.

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19 More Iconic Brands Join the Mobile Revolution

The World Manager Community welcomes another 19 iconic brands. Some of the brands who are launching their operations, HR, communications and training include Eagle Boys Pizza, Cue, Napoleon Perdis, Fernwood Fitness, Super AMart, Spotlight and Lincraft just to name a few. Mobile technology is creating a wave in the Franchise and Retail Community.

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Apple Launching New 'IOS 7' Providing a New Mobile Experience, But What Will It Do For Your Business?

Apple has been running the same looking iPhone experience for the last 6 years. Yes we have seen a few operating system upgrades, but even the most die hard Apple fans have been noticing Apple falling behind competitors in the mobile phone experience. IOS 7 DOES change everything, but will it change business?

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Top Franchise and Retail Brands Are Going Mobile to Increase Engagement and Productivity

In April 2013, World Manager went mobile with the long anticipated 6.0 upgrade and launched the amazing new mobile app to rave reviews from brands in 51 countries. This article explains how some brands are revolutionizing the way they interact and engage with their employees.

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Domino's Pizza Enterprises Make the Shift From e-Learning to m-Learning

Domino's Pizza Enterprises is excited to be launching their mLearning strategy. This article describes a new term in the online learning world – mLearning and how it is fast becoming a necessity in today’s mobile workforce.

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Bras n' Things launch mobile phone employee appraisals speeding up employee performance review process

Bras N Things have integrated their employee performance reviews with new mobile phone and tablet technology for easier completion by employees, and follow up on all reviews. The company now has valuable information at their fingertips, with time saving automated electronic reports providing live feedback on their reviews.

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Oporto launch employee sign-offs tool on mobile phones to further enhance their compliance nationally

Oporto has found great benefits by tracking approvals and sign-offs electronically from what they were previously tracking manually. With their technology now on mobile phones and tablets, the Oporto Operations team is realizing a great advantage having information at real time to process sign-off checklists. Managers and Business development managers can work closely with stores and franchisees at any time and respond accordingly to the information provided.

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The smartest companies in the country are taking their workforce onto mobile phones

Register now for a personal World Manager 6.0 mobile platform demonstration. Find out how your businesses operations would benefit from a mobile workforce. See how World Manager 6.0 is changing how the world does business.

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World Manager '6.0 Mobile' Coming to Apple and Android Phones

What would a Corporate Cloud Communications platform look like if the top CEO's, Operations, Training, HR and Marketing minds from over 100 of the largest companies collaboratively brainstormed for two years? Thanks to the World Manager Community, '6.0 Mobile' has arrived to Apple and Android phones.

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Hungry Jack's Streamlining Hiring Process Using Cutting Edge Online Recruitment Software

Hungry Jacks has restructured their overall recruitment process, streamlining their hiring process using  new Online Recruitment Software taking only one minute to place ads nationally, screening over 8,000 applicants a month.

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15 more Iconic Australian Brands join the World Manager Community (View from your mobile)

15 more iconic Australian brands have joined the World Manager Community including Jetts Fitness, My Fitness, Endota Spa, Bardot, Price Attack, Healthy Habits, Guzman y Gomez to name a few. Here are the latest iconic Brands to go revolutionize their business taking their operations online (View from your mobile phone)

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iPad's vs Android VS Microsoft Surface – Which Tablet is the Best for Business Use? (View from your mobile)

A very common conversation today between CEO’s, Operations Managers and IT Divisions is “what tablets will be best for our operation?” There are three major operating systems to choose from. How do the iPad, Android and Surface tablets stack up against each other when analyzing your business criteria? (View this article from your mobile phone)

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iPad/Android Tablet into an Everyday Business Laptop - 7 Easy Steps

In all surveys, over 50% of iPad/Android tablet owners only use their tablets for entertainment and surfing the web.  Why are the stats not higher for business use?  Owners simply have not been shown the best business apps out there. Here are 7 easy steps to turning a tablet into your laptop for heavy daily business use.

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FoodCo using their online message board to transform employee communication

Foodco has entered the corporate cloud using online message boards to communicate more effectively within their organization. The company has saved time and money by integrating its previous communications process into the live message boards

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