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We are proud to welcome 10 more Brands throughout the United States, Canada and the Asia-Pacific to ...
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Conference Insight: Your #1 pain pointOur very first national World Manager conference “Nourish” was...
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Our Founder and CEO, Gary Valkenburg was born in British Columbia Canada. Gary was actually a restau...
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iPad's vs Android VS Microsoft Surface – Which Tablet is the Best for Business Use? (View from your mobile)

A very common conversation today between CEO’s, Operations Managers and IT Divisions is “what tablets will be best for our operation?” There are three major operating systems to choose from. How do the iPad, Android and Surface tablets stack up against each other when analyzing your business criteria? (View this article from your mobile phone)

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iPad/Android Tablet into an Everyday Business Laptop - 7 Easy Steps

In all surveys, over 50% of iPad/Android tablet owners only use their tablets for entertainment and surfing the web.  Why are the stats not higher for business use?  Owners simply have not been shown the best business apps out there. Here are 7 easy steps to turning a tablet into your laptop for heavy daily business use.

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FoodCo using their online message board to transform employee communication

Foodco has entered the corporate cloud using online message boards to communicate more effectively within their organization. The company has saved time and money by integrating its previous communications process into the live message boards

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Diva launches online employee survey software giving their employees ‘a voice’ nationally

Diva is utilising the corporate cloud ‘giving a voice’ to their team members and gathering valuable data through the use of online employee surveys. Diva employees have become deeply engrained in business decision making processes. Diva has used the survey software in many creative ways from employee satisfaction surveys to creating in-location marketing displays.

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Boost Juice Bars receiving unrivaled visibility into employee safety with online sign-offs

Boost Juice Bars launched the sign-offs tool during their initial launch into the corporate cloud and has made electronic tracking of sign-offs an integral part of their business. The company has automated weekly reporting of approvals and sign-offs for compliance tracking across the country.

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Domino’s e-learning and online LMS strategy successfully educating over 11,000 employees

Domino’s has injected their e-learning software and learning and development plan into their company culture with great success. Domino’s is able to communicate with, and train, all 11,000 plus employees effectively throughout their hundreds of locations. The Domino's team are also tracking training completion rates through automated reports never before seen in business.

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7 Crippling mistakes companies make when going online

National research finds seven crippling mistakes companies make when taking their operations online.

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Great Companies Tip #4 - Practice concise communications

In our fourth of five instalments on ‘Great Companies’’, we take a look at what outstanding employee communications looks like in today’s age of technology. How is your business looking?

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8 Biggest Issues Facing All Companies - Issue #6: Inconsistent communication

Last year we produced more information than in the previous 5,000 years and ways of accessing this information are also rapidly growing. The amount of new technical information is doubling every 2 years and shows no signs of slowing down. This is a fitting topic for the week with all the recent feedback regarding companies not communicating to their teams effectively.

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The Coffee Club iPad online inspection report increasing Operations team productivity by 20%

In just three months, The Coffee Club Operations team conducting their inspection report online using iPads, have saved the company over 600 labour hours from their previous paper-based format. That is an increase in productivity of around 20%, but there have been many more benefits to going mobile.

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8 Ways to Use 15 Second Videos to Connect With Your Customers

Videos are  great assets in your digital marketing campaigns. Viddy is a great tool we found your company could use to interact more with "on-the-go" consumers. 
How could we use it? Why add it to our marketing strategy? Let's read more about this tool in the article by socialmediaexaminer.com

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$1.4 Million software upgrade now live - World Manager 5.1

June 12, 2012 saw release of a global software upgrade that was the largest and most groundbreaking upgrade yet. Companies around the world have gone paperless in the work place using tablets instead of office computers.

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Australia's smartest companies are Going Mobile

With the rebuild and launch of World Manager 5.1 in June 2012, companies around the world are now using iPads or Android tablets to conduct business on a daily basis.

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