Employee Surveys

Create your own climate surveys on any part of your business that would benefit from employee feedback. Using the employee evaluation form, create your own climate surveys on any part of your business that would benefit from employee feedback.

Using survey software for internal surveys are a powerful tool to gather information about your business. Overlooking employee feedback and involvement is one of the biggest issues facing all companies. Launching a regular employee satisfaction survey allows your employees to be heard.

Use this tool to send out surveys to all your employees, automatically processing results to increase levels of engagement.


They can be used for department diaries and are a fantastic way to build corporate culture. With the online discussion forum, your employees can communicate with each other and share ideas on a range of topics you create.

This tool creates a strong sense of community to a brand and helps employees feel that they are part of a bigger company. Forums can be easily set up and targeted to any location or area. In the online discussion forums employees can share their knowledge and experience about a particular topic that may be useful to other locations.

Forums allow employees to connect with each other, share ideas & marketing suggestions and ask for advice.


A perfect tool for company news, policy changes, roster distribution, product launches and introducing new team members. Communicate, notify and announce messages to your team that are available on time, anywhere, on any device.

The Notices & Email tool enables your management teams to communicate with all your employees company-wide using one online message board.

Management can post messages on the message board to many employees at once. There is a built-in reply feature allowing your employees to reply to all notices. A mandatory tick box feature within the message board tracks all Notices read by employees so you can ensure your messages are being received. Notices can also be delivered to employees via email. Effective use of this tool dramatically increases your employee feedback and engagement within your brand. Your platform becomes the main form of communication with all your employees.

Post important notices or external emails with attachments for all employees and track who has read each notice.

Contact Us

Contact avatars and profiles add a personal touch within the contact management software. The contact management software tool allows you to direct employee feedback or requests to appropriate departments within your business.

Effective use of the contact management software can really streamline communication within your business. Directing specific enquiries to respective parties saves time and avoids miscommunication.

Allow employees to contact Head Office or your external suppliers directly for technical support, maintenance, newsletter suggestions, marketing, payroll, HR enquiries and great ideas.