Automated Enrollments

Auto-eligibility checks, employer approvals, student applications, traineeship sign-ups and entry assessments are all designed so everyone gets notified when it is their turn to do their part, providing a seamless and paperless enrollment process.

  1. Auto-eligibility Checks
    Integrated with the Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP).
  2. Customizable Pre-application Notices
    Homepage notices, application forms, declarations and email notifications.
  3. Student Application Forms
    Paperless and can be compiled from mobile devices.
  4. RTO Enrollments
    Processed seamlessly by assigning qualifications, trainers and activating enrollments with a simple click.
  5. Student Enrollments
    Paperless Pre-Training Reviews and Entry Assessments.

The five-stage enrollment process is fully automated and has specific functions for each party to play their role as required.

Delivery Process

The Education Suite gives students the ability to upload photos and videos via mobile phones, tablets or laptops for their submission.

  • Interactive Learning Resources
    Access learning resources on mobile devices and complete interactive learning, watch videos and experience learning anywhere, anytime.
  • Knowledge Based Assessments
    Quizzes, short answers, research projects.
  • Practical Assessments & Projects
    Upload media such as photos, video, documents or free text all from a mobile device.
  • Notifications
    Instant mobile and email notifications.
  • Trainee Communications
    Trainers, assessors, students and RTO Administrators can send messages from mobile devices that are automatically tracked and reported.
  • Trainer Marking
    Instantly mark assessments, complete sign-offs for face-to-face training sessions or in-store workplace visits and provide feedback on the go.
  • Mapping Internal Corporate Training
    Map internal training delivered through the platform automatically. Offer Students Instance recognition of prior learning when enrolling into accredited training.

Throw away those big chunky folders. Students learn through interactive resources and complete their assessments with real workplace learning activities.

Student Messenger

Trainers and students send messages to each other via mobile phones, tablets or laptops. A perfect tool to ensure constant communication and individual support for the student.

Academies for your Brand

WLC is in the business of creating engaging learning experiences and is our gateway partner for brands and the training companies to access the Education Suite. WLC offer a modifiable accredited course library and specialize in the development and delivery of branded academy programs on the World Manager platform.

The Academies are developed through our partnership with World Learning Centre who tailor programs to the brand’s education and training requirements.