New Store Opening Tracker

A powerful and customizable franchise information management tool provides full visibility to the particularities of every franchise unit, such as site pictures, size and description, max occupancy, available parking, franchised territory, assigned franchisor support staff, field audits on system edits and more. Easy-to-use project management activities tracking accelerates a controlled new franchise location setup. The New Store Opening Tracker tool allows for the automation of reminders, alerts and process flows for a smooth build-up phase. All this functionality packed with a powerful dashboards and reports wizard that allows to see your data the way you want it, in minutes.

The New Store Opening Tracker streamlines and standardizes the store opening process, including assigned activities to franchisor staff, external contractors and franchisees.

Franchise Compliance Tracker

Now, franchisors can easily track royalty payments, with the possibility to integrate with your POS to gather sales data and automatically report, calculate and charge royalties. This tool can also be integrated with ACH (USA) or credit card automatic payment for a prompt and convenient royalty collection. One of the most popular features of this suite is the contracts management capabilities. Now, franchisors don't need to be constantly reviewing Excel spreadsheets to find out who is up for renewal. The Franchise Compliance Tracker helps manage franchise agreements, as well as insurance policies, property leases, subscriptions, maintenance and any other type of contracts and renewals. With automated renewal or expiration alerts and workflows, combined with a powerful reports tool, this suite is the perfect match for the most demanding legal and operations teams.

Allows for the correct and accurate monitoring of your franchise network.

Franchise Development Manager

Franchise Development Managers gain full visibility to the franchise sales pipeline status in real time. Development Executives can perform franchise candidate interviews and gather interview results in a single place. Online qualification questionnaires can be sent to candidates via links on SMS or email. Franchise Disclosure Documents and other important information can be stored, sent and tracked from this suite. Marketing Departments can run mass email and personalized franchise development campaigns. All this functionality packed with a powerful wizard to build personalized dashboards and reports in minutes.

The Franchise Development Manager allows you to standardize and accelerate the new franchisee recruitment process, developing your franchise network faster and smarter.