Design questionnaires to automatically filter out and decline applicants and process through the E-recruitment stages from scheduling interviews to hiring. It manages the entire process from the initial application to the confirmation of a job offer through to provision of usernames and passwords for induction training. Its powerful applicant tracking system means companies of any size can easily manage the talent pool without having to keep track of individual emails, resumes, etc. See our World Manager team for more online recruitment best practice.

The online recruitment tool advertises positions on internal job noticeboards, company websites or external employment sites, collecting all applicants in one central talent pool.

Contract Generation

Third parties or external vendors can be sent forms requiring signatures before entering your work premises. With our built in E-Signature functionality, new staff members can review their contract, update and confirm their personal details, and then electronically sign relevant sections. Hiring managers can review any changes and provide their own E-Signature to complete the process. See our World Manager team for more contract generation best practice.

The contract generation tool allows you to generate and issue contracts, attach company policy signoffs, and add required government documents to new staff prior to their first day on the job.