Variance Reporting

View rostered vs actual stats across sales, hours, traffic, labour cost percentage, labour efficiency and many more by store, by region, by day, or by week – slice and dice the data however you like! Compare rostered vs actual performance in real time across your entire business. Identify under-performing stores or departments and take action. Multiple locations/departments/geographical areas. Compare mall/food court/functions roster units like-for-like. Zuus Variance Reporting provides actionable information for informed decisions.

Variance reporting empowers Area Managers with everything they need for productive meetings with managers


Viewing up-to-the-minute KPIs means managers are guided to make better decisions under pressure. With Zuus auto-matching, managers only need to approve exceptions – making their job easier. Approve actual hours worked with one click from rostered shifts or time & attendance data. See up-to-the-minute KPIs like labor cost percentage and productivity. Replace no-shows fast!

Managers view roster and time & attendance data to make a decision what hours to approve


With ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling your managers can predict sales demand and put the right number of staff on at the right time. ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling takes in sales & footfall count data and helps managers produce a schedule that looks after employees and hits their targets. KPIs like labor cost percentage, sales efficiency, productivity, required sales and total labor cost are calculated every 15 minutes throughout the day. When a manager has finished a schedule they push it out to employees via World Manager.

Staff scheduling is critical to grow your business. Too many employees on the floor and you blow your budgets. Too few and you give customers a bad experience

Time & Attendance

Track staff time & attendance with an enterprise-grade biometric fingerprint scanner solution. Run ZuusTime Time & Attendance on an Android or iOS tablet and staff can clock in and out with a PIN, or run ZuusTime on a Windows tablet or POS to add offline caching and extra security via our USB fingerprint scanner.

Time & attendance is biometric using the employee’s fingerprints. No more sitting down doing a timesheet at the end of a shift, they just clock off with their fingerprint, so they’re out the door faster – how cool!