Allow employees to contact Head Office or your external suppliers directly for technical support, maintenance, newsletter suggestions, marketing, payroll, HR enquiries and great ideas using this world class business contact manager software.

Contact avatars and profiles add a personal touch within the contact management software. The contact management software tool allows you to direct employee feedback or requests to appropriate departments within your business.

Effective use of the contact management software can really streamline communication within your business. Directing specific enquiries to respective parties saves time and avoids miscommunication.


  • Technical support
  • Maintenance issues
  • Newsletter article suggestions
  • General feedback
  • Payroll enquiries
  • Contact your World Manager
  • Great ideas
  • Third party supplier contacts

World Manager® business contact manager best practice:

  • Ensure you have a wide range of contacts for your staff within the tool
  • Ask for feedback on who staff would like to see in the business contact manager page
  • Ensure Links are all up to date with the correct email addresses
  • Follow up with the contacts regularly to ensure they are replying
  • See our World Manager® team for more contact management software best practice