Provide employees with easy access to important websites or resources including external training sites, competitors’ sites, consumer sites associated with your products, supplier websites, company payroll and company Facebook/twitter sites.

Links allow your IT department to set up all external websites your managers or employees need to access, all from within the World Manager® platform.

It is a great idea to ask your employees what Links they would like to see. And remember, they don’t all need to be work-related as fun Links make the platform more accessible for your team members.


  • External training sites
  • Your website
  • Competitors’ sites
  • Consumer review sites associated with your products
  • Supplier websites
  • Company payroll login pages
  • Company Facebook/twitter site
  • International company sites
  • Fun sites
  • Company sponsored charities

World Manager® external web links best practice:

  • Ensure you have a wide range of Links and they are activated at all levels
  • Get feedback from your employees about what Links they use and what they would like to see
  • Upload relevant images or icons to easily identify the subject of the Links
  • Hide the URLs for the Links so users have to navigate through the platform
  • See our World Manager® team for more External Web Links best practice