An employee online discussion forum allows employees to connect with each other, share ideas & marketing suggestions and ask for advice.

They can also be used for department diaries and are a fantastic way to build corporate culture.

With the online discussion forum, your employees can communicate with each other and share ideas on a range of topics you create.

This tool creates a strong sense of community to a brand and helps employees feel that they are part of a bigger company. Forums can be easily set up and targeted to any location or area. In the online discussion forums employees can share their knowledge and experience about a particular topic that may be useful to other locations.


  • Gathering suggestions or ideas from employees
  • Department handover diaries
  • Feedback Forums
  • Marketing suggestions
  • Fun topics
  • Create a poll for group decision-making
  • Tips on hiring, sales etc.
  • Ideas for successful campaigns

World Manager® discussion forum best practice:

  • Pin the Forum feed to all staff homepages to increase awareness and encourage replies
  • Use the user photo upload feature by setting up competitions and allow ratings of posts
  • Create a mystery identity staff can contact if they have any questions. This could be a lot of fun if the mystery identity gives funny or absurd advice
  • See our World Manager® team for more Forums best practice
  • Read the Bras N’ Things Online corporate discussion forum best practice case study