Using our corporate online photo storage tool, create image folders and allow employees to upload images with comments to their own customized online photo gallery.

Create different online photo gallery folders for team photos, team building days, location displays, conferences, charity work, new locations and awards nights.

Image galleries are perfect for employee recognition, product launches, new store locations, in-store displays and letting all employees see what is going on around the country.

Used well, an online photo storage gallery is an excellent tool for creating a strong culture and demonstrating that the company values employees. Regular uploading of a wide range of images will encourage your team to log in to your platform and view the pictures in their own online photo gallery.


  • Team photos
  • Store photos
  • Competition results
  • Awards nights and parties
  • Wallpaper gallery
  • Product presentation pictures
  • Marketing images
  • Different in-store displays
  • Neighborhood events
  • Celebrity spotting in-location

World Manager® online photo storage best practice:

  • Upload pictures regularly to the online photo gallery to encourage viewings
  • Create folders allowing employees to also upload images to various web photo gallery folders
  • Post a notice when new images are uploaded to let employees know
  • Ensure the Image Gallery tool is activated on new users’ homepages
  • Read the AMT Group corporate online photo storage best practice case study