Using the document management software, upload all important documents such as ordering sheets, operations manuals, product knowledge, policies and procedures and product specifications to one central location. Upload Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint documents, JPEG images and video content to the online file storage area within the platform.

The Manuals & Files tool, often referred to as online file storage system, takes your entire operations manual online, providing your team with instant updates on articles and files.

All changes your ops team make within the online file storage system are immediately passed on to the employees who have been targeted for that file. No employee will ever open an outdated file again with this cutting-edge document management system. Updated material is available at any location as the files are accessible from any computer connected to the internet. Files are stored alpha-numerically, so you can organize files in a logical, structured way. Folders can have a default targeting created which applies to all files within that folder.


  • Training documents and manuals
  • Product knowledge
  • Handbooks
  • Policies and procedures
  • Letterheads and/or other office templates
  • Product specifications and/or recipes
  • Copies of current menus
  • Daily ops checklists/manuals
  • Company forms

World Manager® document management software best practice:

  • Perform a regular audit of the document management system to ensure they are up to date
  • Ensure documents are targeted to the appropriate parties
  • Archive your old documents and don’t target them to anyone so you can recall them easily if you need to
  • Embed hyperlinks to documents in training content slides, or the ‘references’ tool for easy reference
  • See our World Manager® team for more Manuals and Files best practice