The five stage enrolment process is fully automated and has specific functions for each party to play their role as required. Auto-eligibility checks, employer approvals, student applications, traineeship sign-ups and entry assessments are all designed so everyone gets notified when it is their turn to do their part, providing a seamless and paperless enrolment process.

Step One - Auto-eligibility Checks

Integrated with the Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP).

Step Two - Customisable Pre-application Notices

Homepage notices, application forms, declarations and email notifications.

Step Three - Student Application Forms

Paperless and can be compiled from mobile devices.

Step Four - RTO Enrolments

Processed seamlessly by assigning qualifications, trainers and activating enrolments with a simple click.

Step Five - Student Enrolments

Paperless Pre-Training Reviews and Entry Assessments.