The brand new KPI (Key Performance Indicator) tool in the Human Resource Suite allows managers & employees to collaborate on setting & measuring an employee’s performance objectives for the year. Use the KPI tool in conjunction with your performance appraisal process to set specific objectives and targets for individuals and then later record their actual results against those targets.  

KPI objectives can be set in conjunction with your employees whereby both parties can agree on individual targets and the importance (weighting) of each item. Once the list is compiled, the manager and the employee sign off and acknowledge the set targets prior to the submission date of the template. At the end of the review period the actual results the employee achieved is compared to the set targets and they are allocated a score. The KPI is signed off by the manager, acknowledged by the employee and the results are submitted and managers can report on results and scores.

The new KPI tool helps to expand the functionality in our Human Resources suite to enable your business to manage and measure performance of individuals against business objectives. When used in conjunction with our Performance Appraisal tool, you can ensure that performance objectives are properly set, and accurately measured within a timely manner, helping you to increase performance across your business and challenging your employees to strive towards continuous improvement.


  • Document individual KPIs at the beginning of the year
  • Review progress periodically with employees
  • Targets can be weighted according to importance
  • Review objectives and measure actual results

World Manager® best practice:

  • Use the KPI in conjunction with performance appraisals
  • Review targets and objectives with employee acknowledgement
  • Allocate target weighting in line with business objectives
  • Measure performance and align score with achievement
  • See our World Manager® team for more KPI best practice