Create an outstanding performance management system for your business delivering self-appraisals, peer reviews or two-way evaluations for front-line staff and management. The employee evaluation templates are easy to use and allow for your old performance appraisal form to be online ready for use in just hours.

Automated reporting creates detailed statistics on employee feedback. Create development plans and align employee goals to company targets.

A strong performance management system online, combined with an online employee evaluation, are important tools for developing your team into strong leaders.

You can use the performance appraisal form to create self-appraisals that require management sign-off or peer reviews within account groups. Using World Manager® for tracking and recording a regular employee evaluation, self-appraisals and peer reviews leads to a lower staff turnover, increases staff retention and improves team morale.


  • Employee evaluations
  • Management Appraisals
  • Career Development Plans


World Manager® performance management system best practice:

  • Integrate your existing performance appraisal form to an online form for your employees to fill out. These forms can then be signed off by the assigned manager for each location
  • Review the online appraisal before a face-to-face meeting
  • Create and store completed Appraisals online for easy reference and statistical analysis
  • See our World Manager® team for more employee performance management system best practice
  • Read the Bras N Things online performance management system and employee evaluation best practice case study