Experience real time mobile business with paperless records

Create a custom online inspection report or use your incident report template for reporting of all audits, safety checks, accidents, customer issues and incidents. The tools within the Operations Suite are designed for CEOs and Operations Managers to use via mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

Location Audits

Create location reviews, site visitation reports and employee health & safety audits online. Measure performance and compare results with immediate reporting by location or area. Managers can upload images directly to all reports on issues within the operation.

Incident Reports

Tracking customer and incident management through to product malfunctions is an operational must. By creating an incident report template, you acquire 100% visibility into all open, closed and escalated incidents. Managers submit incident reports and upper management actions the incidents as soon as they receive the automated email or calendar notifications.

The new best practice in daily forms used by all departments. Upload your paper-based forms into the forms tool template and experience real time mobile business with paperless records and reporting of all standard forms used in the work place.

Mystery Shopper

Create site visits or mystery shopper reports for external suppliers to independently audit your business. Separate logins provide full auditing capabilities, creating online reports with privacy settings and administrator approval level features.

Using the customer satisfaction survey tool, create online surveys for suppliers, third party providers, contractors and customers external to your business. Receive feedback from anyone that has ever done business with your company or been a customer.

  • Webinar surveys
  • Post-seasonal Marketing surveys
  • Product surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Supplier surveys
Service Desk

Using the help desk software, track how your support teams are looking after your employees, suppliers and business location managers.

Support tickets are created within the service desk with full tracking of all communication and response times on any ticket raised.

Allow HR and Operations teams to set company goals and milestones for key team members to hit. Create team buy-in by allowing all key players to comment on, and close off completed tasks.

Automated statistics provide real-time reporting on all tools. Create PDF reports, colorful graphs or export to Excel for further analysis.