The finance tool allows locations to report their weekly sales along with any other relevant information, such as the number of transactions that occurred or other customer data. This data can then be used by head office to generate a variety of reports, graphs & comparative data.

It also makes the financial data available to those above the store in the chain, such as head office. The data can all be uploaded as a CSV (excel) within the platform. Once the finance tool is configured, you can download an excel file template, fill in the relevant details and upload it again.

This system also allows you to fill in all the historical data if you need to catch up.

Integration is available to have the POS system or other systems used to populate the finance tool (technically this is not currently available) 


  • Managers can upload daily figures      
  • Record daily sales data        
  • Record daily transactions  

World Manager® best practice:

  • Customize reporting fields       
  • Monitor trends in sales    
  • Compare actual figures with projections
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